Vampiric Imprint

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Mimicking the creature which it is named after, the techniques employed by the vampiric imprint involve sapping the life and strength from the person it strikes in varying degrees and forms. The arm looks very slim, almost to the bone, and may have rotting patches of flesh if their undead taint is particularly strong.

Code: Vampires, though not evil all the time, are this way more often than not and thus their evil influence spreads to the vampiric imprint. Because of this, they are fueled either by malice or some sort of supernatural force to do evil deeds. This influence may be difficult to control, and thus most holders of the vampiric imprint are evil. For those who are not, they are at best chaotic neutral or true neutral.

Undead Resistances

While not quite as powerful as a normal undead, the imprinted arm becomes part undead and starts taking on their aspects. They gain the undead subtype, and the following benefits from their undead subtype:
  • They ultimately lose their Constitution score and substitute anything based around Constitution for Charisma. This includes hit points, imprinted arm class abilities, and class abilities from other classes that require Constitution.
  • Immunity to disease, poison, and effects which require a fortitude save (unless they would affect an object or is harmless).
  • Toughness as a bonus feat.
Because these are incredibly strong features by themselves, they have three weaknesses to make up for each strong ability.
  • Positive Energy harms them, and if they could previously use this type of energy, it instantly becomes Negative Energy if it would not conflict with their alignment. (They are healed by Negative Energy as per this change).
  • Sunlight deals damage to the imprinted arm as if they were on fire and could not put the fire out. (1d6 damage per round). This damage cannot be resisted, even if they have resistance/immunity to fire.
  • Silver weapons deal +50% more damage.

Fanged Hand

At 2nd level the imprinted arm's palm gains a mouth adorned with sharp teeth. This hand can only feed upon blood, as trying to stuff objects down its 'throat' isn't successful. As a part of a single attack (including a full attack) they can choose to drain blood from the target. This deals the normal damage of the attack if it hits, and additionally that damage dealt heals the imprinted arm. This can be used a number of times per day equal to 3 + Charisma modifier.

Loving Embrace

At 5th level an imprinted arm gains grab as a special ability on their imprint arm. On a successful grapple, the person in the grapple must make a fortitude save or take 1 negative level. If they succeed, they cannot be affected by this ability for 24 hours. The fortitude DC is equal to 10 + Charisma modifier. This can only be triggered once per round, regardless of how many are grappled and attacked.

Blood Harden

At 8th level the imprinted arm gains a natural armor bonus equal to their Charisma modifier if they have been struck by a slashing or piercing weapon and dealt damage by it, and that damage hasn't been healed away.

Palm to the Face

At 11th level the imprinted arm can make a single attack as a full round action as they slam their fanged palm into the fact of the recipient. They roll their damage dice on a successful hit as if they had hit with all of their attacks from their imprinted arm (attacks from held weapons and other natural weapons do not count). On a critical hit, the dice are multiplied but the damage bonus remains the same. This is usable a number of times per day equal to their Charisma modifier.

Overcome Weakness

At 14th level the imprinted arm chooses a single weakness bestowed upon them above and removes this weakness from hindering them.

If they negate being harmed by negative energy, this does not mean they are healed by it, merely that they do not take damage from it anymore. In addition to this, they are no longer immune to negative energies' harming effects and can take damage from it as if they were living.

If negating the +50% damage from silver weapons is chosen, this does not change any DR/Silver the imprinted arm has gained, merely the additional damage received through this class. In addition, if they'd receive +50% damage from silver from another source, this does not negate it.

Overbearing Presence

At 17th level the mere presence of the imprinted arm rubs folks the wrong way. Those who are not their allies or have not spent at least 24 hours with the imprinted arm must receive a will save or take a -6 penalty to all Wisdom and Charisma based checks involving the imprinted arm. In addition to this, the target takes a -6 to attack rolls and saving throws related to the imprinted arm as well.

Death Bringer

At 20th level, the imprinted arm is so in touch with death that they learn how to deliver it in the most painful of ways. They can choose one of two abilities:
  • Deal 2d6 Constitution drain to a single target if they fail a fortitude save after being struck by the imprinted arm. On a successful save, they halve the drain and cannot be affected by this for another 24 hours. On a failure, they can be affected by this again.
  • The level drain imposed by the imprinted arm becomes 3 negative levels, the creature can only be unaffected for another 24 hours if they succeed the save, and the fortitude save becomes DC 10 + 1/2 the imprinted arm's HD + charisma modifier.