Ettin Imprint

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Using the might of the Ettin and their extraordinary practices of two-weapon combat, the Ettin Imprint has a specialty towards fighting with two arms rather than one. This is due to their imprint arm manifesting in both arms rather than just one. This leads to a savage style of hitting hard and many times.

Code:The Ettin focus themselves in fighting and almost nothing else. They live and breathe for battlefields, and anything else would be an insult to their talent. The imprinted arm is often called by the ancestry of the Ettin to fight to their heart’s content. The imprinted arm must be any chaos, however Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral are favored.

Dual Imprints

At 1st level the imprinted arm gains two imprinted arms instead of just one. They are able to use both in Two-Weapon Fighting. If their race would grant them more than 2 arms, only two of them become imprinted, the others are unaffected. Neither of their arms are considered “off-hand”, thus adding their full strength modifier when Two-Weapon Fighting with their fists. This does not apply to weapons wielded by the imprinted arm.

Quicken Movement

At 2nd level the imprinted arm can as a swift action grant himself a +10 ft. bonus to his movement speed for a number of rounds equal to his level. These rounds need not be consecutive. This stacks with enchantment bonuses which increase speed, or other miscellaneous bonuses to speed.

Ettin's Size

At 5th level an imprinted arm can put themselves under the effects of Enlarge Person a number of times per day equal to their Constitution modifier. They use their imprinted arm level as their caster level. This benefits them even if they would normally not be affected by Enlarge Person, however it does not stack with other enlarging effects unless they aren't Enlarge Person and say they stack with other enlarging effects.

Tough as Nails

At 8th level the imprinted arm gains a number of bonus hit points equal to double their level. This isn’t temporary hit points, and stacks with constitution and other hit point increasing effects such as toughness.

Ettin Training

At 11th level when Two-Weapon Fighting with their imprinted arms, they gain a +1 bonus to hit. This bonus increases for every 2 levels beyond 11th to a maximum bonus of +5 at 19th level.

Unorthodox Flanking

At 14th level when determining whether they're eligible to gain flanking, and their reach meets a square that can be used for the flank, they can count themselves as if they were in that square for the sake of flanking. (Example: If the imprinted arm is to the north and adjacent to the enemy and is enlarged (giving them 10 ft. reach) and an ally is to the adjacent and to the east east of the enemy, the imprinted arm can count as being in the western square adjacent to the enemy, granting them flanking.)

Enhanced Enlargement

At 17th level when putting themselves under the effects of Enlarge Person from their 5th level ability, they can instead increase their size to 2 steps beyond the normal size (to a maximum of Huge sized). Instead of the +2 Strength increase, they gain a +4 Strength increase and a -4 Dexterity.

Two-Weapon Strike

At 20th level, the imprinted arm can make a single strike as a full-round attack. If this hits, it deals damage as if they had been using any Two-Weapon Fighting or similar feats in which they possess. On a critical hit, all of the damage critically hits and is rolled as such.