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Blood Powers

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Blood Power PrerequisitesBenefit
Blood CraftingCraft (Alchemy) 4 RanksUse blood as a material for crafting alchemical goods.
Stab to the LungsDex 15, Weapon Finesse, Blood Knight 8th levelMake an enemy start to drown in their own blood.
Consume FleshBlood Knight 6th levelConsume flesh of slain enemy to gain attributes from them.
Consume AppearanceConsume Flesh, Blood Knight 8th levelChanges the blood knight's appearance to the thing which they have eaten.
Dial Back-Make a 5 ft. step as an immediate action if an enemy approaches you.
Blood BathBlood Knight 10th levelWhen slaying enemies, gain temporary hit points equal to their Hit Dice.
Clock OutBlood Knight 4th levelDeal intelligence damage with a bludgeoning weapon.
Armored TackleBlood Knight 6th levelOn a charge and grapple, deal damage and knock yourself and enemy prone.
Bloody Footprints-Bonus to movement speed when walking over corpses or skeletons.
Rending AttackBlood Knight 12th levelDeal strength damage with single attack.
Exploding KidneysBlood Knight 14th levelDeal constitution damage with single attack.
Unmaking StrikeBlood Knight 14th levelBypass certain types of DR with attack rolls.
Blood Pool-Gain a pool of energy which can be spent in order to heal the blood knight.
Heavy Metal ArmorBlood Knight 16th levelArmor worn by the blood knight grants them a slam attack.
Wondrous StrikeBlood Knight 16th levelSingle attack hits as if it were affected by brilliant energy.
Fisticuffs-Gain Improved Unarmed Strike.
Improved FisticuffsFisticuffsDeal unarmed damage as a monk's level -2.
Shot of DoomDeadly AimSingle attack causes enemy to become staggered.
Small World, Big AxeBlood Knight 18th levelIncrease weapon's damage dice by one step, and critical multiplier by one step.
HematomniaBlood Knight 18th levelGain competence bonus to damage when you are injured.
Get 'em!Give 'em Hell! +2Spend additional uses to grant allies this bonus. 
Combat Expert- Gain combat expertise as a bonus feat.
Unimpressed GlareIntimidate 5 RanksMake a free intimidate attempt against enemy within 5 ft. 
Advantageous Strike-Gain a bonus to hit flat-footed enemies.
Steady Stance-Gain AC bonuses for staying still.
Size Isn't a ProblemSmall size or smallerDeal damage with melee weapons as a creature one size category larger.
Weapon TrainingBlood Knight 10th levelGain the Fighter's Weapon Training bonus on a single weapon.
Armor TrainingBlood Knight 8th levelGain the Fighter's Armor Training bonus on a single set of armor worn.
Blood RageBlood Knight 4th levelGain the monster special ability blood rage.
Blood ManipulationBlood Knight 8th levelBecome immune to injury-based poisons.

Blood Crafting
Prerequisites: Craft (Alchemy) 4 Ranks
Description: If the blood knight does not have ingredients when crafting alchemy, they can instead substitute by using their own blood, dealing an amount of damage to themselves equal to a tenth of the cost (rounded down, minimum 1) of the material needed. This damage cannot be healed other than by heal, regenerate, wish, and similar effects. These items do not have a sale value.

Stab to the Lungs
Prerequisites: Dexterity 15, Weapon Finesse, Blood Knight 8th level
Description: As an attack action, the blood knight can attack a single target within their reach and deal damage as normal except that the target must make a Fortitude save. On a failure, their lung is pierced and they begin to drown (treating their Fortitude save as the Constitution check they had to make in order to not begin drowning). They can use this ability twice per day at 8th level, and three times per day at 16th level.

Consume Flesh
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 6th level
Description: Consuming the flesh of a slain enemy (full-round action) allows the blood knight to adopt one of the following features of the creature slain for the remainder of the battle: their AC, their saving throw bonus (choose Fort/Ref/Will), or their movement speed (choose fly/land/burrow/etc.).

Consume Appearance
Prerequisites: Consume Flesh, Blood Knight 8th level
Description: Consume appearance can be done out of combat, unlike consume flesh. Those whose flesh has been consumed have their appearance stolen by the blood knight (as the Alter Self spell, minus the ability score adjustments). This ability lasts a number of hours equal to the blood knight's level.

Dial Back
Prerequisites: None
Description: If an enemy moves adjacent to the blood knight, he can take an immediate action to 5 ft. step out of the way once per round. This can only be used if their attacks of opportunity aren't spent, but when used it does not expend their attacks of opportunity.

Blood Bath
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 10th level
Description: Once an enemy has been slain by the blood knight's hands, they gain a number of temporary hit points equal to the slain enemies' Hit Dice. This ability stacks with itself up to double the blood knight's total HP. (Example: A blood knight with 40 HP can use this until they have an effective HP of 40 + another 40 temporary HP).

Clock Out
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 4th level
Description: Make a single attack roll with a bludgeoning weapon in hand. This weapon deals damage as normal, and has the added effect of dealing 1d3 points of Intelligence damage to those who fails a Fortitude save. The Intelligence damage can't stack, but it can supersede itself for a higher result. This imposes a 50% spell failure chance when casting arcane spells for a number of rounds equal to their trained score's modifier.

Armored Tackle
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 6th level
Description: Make a charge attempt against an opponent that doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity, and at the end of the charge make a grapple attempt. If this grapple is successful, the blood knight brings themselves and the opponent prone, and deals damage to the opponent depending on the armor they're wearing (1d6 damage with light, 1d8 damage with medium, and 1d10 damage with heavy). This is a melee attack, and thus adds strength modifier to damage. Armored spikes and similar effects deal damage to the enemy as well.

Bloody Footprints
Prerequisites: None
Description: When moving over a corpse or skeleton that was killed in the battle the blood knight is in, they gain a +5 ft. to their movement speed. This stacks up to a +20 ft. movement speed. Corpses stacked upon each other don't grant one massive bonus, however corpses in a line grant this bonus.

Rending Attacks
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 12th level
Description: Make a single attack roll against an enemy within reach/range. This attack deals 1d6 points of strength damage + the blood knight's trained score's modifier. The target receives a Fortitude save to halve the penalty. This cannot bring the score below 1.

Exploding Kidneys
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 10th level
Description: Make a single attack roll against an enemy within reach/range. This attack deals 1d4 points of constitution damage + 1/2 the blood knight's trained score's modifier. The target receives a Fortitude save to halve the penalty. This cannot bring the score below 1.

Unmaking Strike
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 10th level
Description: Make a single attack roll against an enemy within reach/range. This attack bypasses all DR.  This has a number of uses equal to 1/2 level + trained score's modifier.

Blood Pool
Prerequisites: None
Description: The blood knight gains a pool of energy equal to their level + their trained score's modifier (minimum 2). This pool can be used to heal the blood knight as an immediate action. The blood knight can use up as much of the blood pool as they want, up until the pool is spent. When depleted, the blood knight gains the exhausted condition until they rest for 8 hours.

Heavy Metal Armor
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 6th level
Description: Armor worn grants a slam attack which can be used as a secondary attack alongside their manufactured weapons and/or natural attacks. The slam depends on the armor type (Light = 1d6, Medium = 1d8, Heavy = 1d10), and adds strength modifier to damage.

Wondrous Strike
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 16th level
Description: Make a single attack roll against an enemy within reach/range. This attack is resolved as if the weapon they are wielding has Brilliant Energy upon it. If it already has said enhancement upon it, the attack gains a +4 to hit and damage.

Prerequisites: None
Description: Gain Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. If the blood knight already has this feat, gain Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strikes). If they already have both of these feats, they gain Weapon Specialization (Unarmed Strikes). They gain these feats even if they do not meet the prerequisites.

Improved Fisticuffs
Prerequisites: Fisticuffs
Description: Unarmed damage is resolved using the blood knight's level as the monk's level - 2 (minimum of 1st level). This stacks with any levels the blood knight has in monk.

Shot of Doom
Prerequisites: Deadly Aim
Description: Make a single ranged attack against an enemy within range. If this attack hits, damage is resolved normally and the target must make a Fortitude save or they are staggered for 1d4 rounds.

Small World, Big Axe
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 12th level
Description: Choose a single weapon. This weapon, when wielded by the blood knight, increases its damage dice by 1 step and increases its critical multiplier by 1.

Prerequisites: Blood Knight 18th level
Description: When the blood knight's HP at least 1/2 their hit points (not including temporary HP), the blood knight gains a profane bonus to attack and damage equal to double their trained score's modifier. In addition to this, they are under the effects of haste. This bonus lasts a number of rounds equal to their level + trained score's modifier.

Get 'em!
Prerequisites: Give 'em Hell! +2
Description: Spend two uses of the Give 'em Hell! ability to grant this bonus to as many allies up to the blood knight's trained score's modifier.

Combat Expert
Prerequisites: None
Description: The blood knight gains combat expertise as a bonus feat, even if they do not meet the prerequisites.

Unimpressed Glare
Prerequisites: Intimidate 4 Ranks
Description: Make an intimidate roll as a free action against a single foe within 5 ft. of the blood knight. This can only be used once per round.

Advantageous Strike
Prerequisites: None
Description: When attacking flat-footed enemies, gain a +2 bonus to hit. This doubles to a +4 if the enemy had been sneak attacked while flat-footed, or dirty tricked into being flat-footed.

Steady Stance
Prerequisites: None
Description: If the blood knight has not moved during their turn (including 5 ft. stepping) they gain a +1 shield bonus to their AC. This increases by +1 for every round they choose not to move up to a total of a +6 shield bonus to AC. If the blood knight did not move, yet attacked someone on their turn this bonus increases to +2 shield bonus.

Size Isn't a Problem
Prerequisites: Small size or smaller
Description: Melee and ranged weapons wielded by the blood knight are counted as one size-category larger (to a maximum of medium) for the purposes of determining damage dice. If a creature's size permanently changes to medium or a size larger than medium, they can retrain this blood power instantly.

Weapon Training
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 10th level
Description: Gain the benefits of the Weapon Training class ability to one weapon of the blood knight's choice. This can be taken again at 16th level, choosing a new weapon and the bonus for the original weapon increasing by +2. This stacks with any Weapon Training the blood knight has from fighter levels.

Armor Training
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 8th level
Description: Gain the benefits of the Armor Training class ability to one set of armor (breastplate, fullplate, etc.) the blood knight has possession of. This bonus can be changed by doing a 1 hour ritual of practicing with the new set of armor. This ability can be taken again at 14th level, the bonuses from the original armor becoming a -2 ACP and a +2 Maximum Dexterity Bonus. This stacks with any Armor Training the blood knight has from fighter levels.

Blood Rage
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 4th level
Description: Gain the ability to fly into a blood rage as per the monster special ability. This ability can be taken again at 10th level, increasing the bonuses to +4 Strength/Constitution, and again at 16th level increasing the bonuses to +6 Strength/Constitution.

Blood Manipulation
Prerequisites: Blood Knight 8th level
Description: The blood knight becomes immune to injury-based poisons. This does not stop inhaled poison or disease from affecting the blood knight, however they gain a +4 bonus to their Fortitude save against these effects.