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A skilled user of magic from the east, the mahoutsukai trains himself to overcome many obstacles. 

The mahoutsukai is an archetype of the magus class.

Empowered Spellcasting

The mahoutsukai relies on his spells to aid him in battle, and thus every spell counts. He gains 1 additional spells per day for each spell slot when he becomes able to cast that level spell. (Example: A 3rd level mahoutsukai has 0th level spells 5/day and 1st level spells 4/day, and once he levels up to 4th level, he'll gain 2nd level spells 2/day.

This changes Spellcasting.

Favored Spells

At 3rd level, the mahoutsukai learns to use certain spells to great effect and takes his time to mold them to his own bidding. Each favored spell taken adds additional abilities to the spells selected. He gains an additional favored spell every 3 levels thereafter.

1st Level Spells

Corrosive Touch: The acidic energy dripping from the magus' hand burns all that it touches. Along with the regular damage gained from the spell, he deals an additional 1d4 of fire damage per two caster levels (max 5d4).

Frostbite: An icey aura surrounds your hand while you use this spell. Targets of this spell can be brought to exhausted if this spell is used against them again.

Shocking Grasp: Once taken, shocking grasp begins creating additional sparks of electricity around the caster's hand, crackling off and striking adjacent foes. Once the spell is used upon the target, any adjacent enemies must make a reflex save or take half the spell's damage. A successful reflex save negates this damage.

Snowball: The cold energy can now be placed into the mahoutsukai's weapon without special help. He can use snowball with spellstrike without the need of spellstrike gloves, however he still needs spellstrike gloves for non-snowball spells.

2nd Level Spells

Elemental Touch: Deal an additional +1 damage per mahoutsukai level as the energy radiating from the caster's hand becomes more intense.

Frigid Touch: If the target of this spell is critically hit with frigid touch, the caster can choose not to have the staggering effect last for 1 minute and instead deal 1d4 points of strength and dexterity damage with the critical hit.

Scorching Ray: The rays of flame can split into two rays, dealing less damage but offering more attacks. The mahoutsukai can choose to split his rays into two and deal 2d6 damage with a half of the ray. These split rays can be used to target other foes.

3rd Level Spells

Bloody Arrows: The arrows enchanted by this spell radiate a glow of vile energy. When an enemy is struck by an arrow with this spell upon it, the attacker gains Fast Healing equal to the bleed damage afflicted to the target. This ends when the bleed damage ends.

Fireball: Along with the damage dealt from the attack, a failed save means the target catches on fire from the attack and takes additional damage.

Force Punch: As opposed to negating the movement on a successful save, the caster can choose that the damage is halved and the movement is halved (but not negated).

Gloomblind Bolts: If the target fails at the fortitude save to negate the blindness, they are blinded for 1 minute instead of 1 round.

Lightning Bolt: The lightning shot from the lightning bolt is incredibly intense. Opponents next to the lightning bolt must make a reflex save or take half of the lightning bolt's damage. A successful reflex save negates the damage.

Vampiric Touch: When casting vampiric touch, the caster can choose to deal more damage rather than heal damage. He gains 1d6 points of negative energy damage per caster level (maximum 15d6 damage).

4th Level Spells

Dragon's Breath: Damage cap from this spell is raised to 20d6 instead of 12d6.

Forceful Strike: Rather than a bull rush, the caster can substitute this for any of the following maneuvers: trip, sunder, or disarm.

5th Level Spells

Acidic Spray: Rather than deal additional d6 of acid damage for 1 round, it can deal fire damage.

Cone of Cold: On a failed save, the target's body slowly becomes encased in ice. Their movement speed is reduced by 20 ft (to a minimum of 5 ft).

6th Level Spells

Disintegrate: Instead of only 5d6 damage on a successful save, the damage is halved.

Sirocco:  Instead of halving damage and negating being knocked prone, the caster can choose to have one effect negated while the other effect still comes into play.

This replaces Magus Arcana.