Kuro Mahoutsukai

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Dark magicians from the eastern lands, the name "Kuro Mahoutsukai" literally translates to Black Magician, or one who uses dark magic. This name was given to them complimenting their mastery of necromancy and damaging spells.

The kuro mahoutsukai is an archetype of the magus class.

Aku no Kongen (Su)

The kuro mahoutsukai draws his arcane energy from a source of vile and evil thoughts deep within his mind, leading to abhorrent creations. This functions like the magi's regular arcane pool, save for the following information:

A kuro mahoutsukai can expend 1 point from his arcane pool to fire a ray of negative energy at a single target. This ray is made as a ranged touch attack and deals 2d6 points of negative energy damage per 1 point spent on this ability (to a maximum of 10d6). Multiple points can be spent on this power. Doing this is a standard action instead of a swift action, however if the kuro mahoutsukai decides to spend more than 1 point, he can break the attacks up into multiple rays instead of just one.

This changes the Arcane Pool.

Dark Origin

Something from the kuro mahoutsukai's past caused them to turn down this dark road to study the magic laid before them. They must choose one of the following dark origins listed below at 3rd level. You cannot gain bonus spells past 6th level from your Dark Origin. Any abilities listed that require wisdom use intelligence instead.

Touched by the Stars: Early in your life, a being from the stars reached out to you, and laid a firm grasp upon your soul. You gain bonuses from the Void Domain.

Demon Child: The evil and chaotic nature of demons plagues your background. You gain bonuses from the Demon Subdomain with the Evil Domain being your original domain.

Good Nature: While your nature does not point towards being evil, the powers you own and use mislead people into believing you are twisted and bent on destruction. You gain bonuses from the Darkness Domain.

Bullied: When you were little, all of the kids used to bully you and make your life miserable...that was, before you taught them a lesson. You gain bonuses from the Ferocity Subdomain with the Strength Domain being your original domain.

Tomes of Evil: After studying many books and learning what you can, the tomes which contain the darkest and most vile of content appear to have stuck with you. You gain bonuses from the Rune Domain.

This replaces the Magus Arcana gained at 3rd level.

Spell Blending

At 7th level, the kuro mahoutsukai learns to take two spells he knows how to cast and mix their effects. When mixing two spells, they must be of the same type: touch spells mix with touch spells, rays mix with rays, radius mixes with another radius, ect.

When using the Spell Blending, he takes both spells and halves any damage they may deal. Any saving throw attached to the spell remains, as does the effect it causes. A spell cast when using spell blending takes the highest spell's level when calculating for saving throws and concentration checks however it expends both spell slots. Spells that effect the caster can be used, but take a full-round action to cast.

Example: A 7th level kuro mahoutsukai blends Shocking Grasp with Frigid Touch. Doing so creates a 2d6 electricity + 2d6 cold touch spell that staggers on a failed save, and casts as a 2nd level spell.

If two spells have a saving throw, the spell of the higher level is taken. If both spells are of the same level, the kuro mahoutsukai chooses between the two saving throws used. Spells cannot be blended with cantrips.

This replaces Medium Armor.

Greater Spell Blending

At 13th level, the kuro mahoutsukai's proficiency with blending two spells together becomes vastly superior to what it used to be. While using Spell Blending, the kuro mahoutsukai can take the full damage of both spells instead of half damage. In addition to this, casting a blended spell that effects the caster now only takes a standard action.

This replaces Heavy Armor.