Iron Song

Iron song bards use their music to inspire even constructs.

The iron song is an archetype of the bard class.

Weapon Proficiency

An iron song loses proficiency with shields, however he gains proficiency with medium armor and all light and one-handed martial weapons, but not two-handed martial weapons.

This alters the iron song's weapon and armor proficiencies.

Song of Steel

The iron song learns to perform in tune to the magic and technology that helps a construct function. This allows any of the Bardic Performances and Spells that would not normally affect constructs (such as granting Morale bonuses, or other mind-affecting effects) work on constructs.

This alters the iron song's bardic performance.

Raise Iron (Su)

An iron song of 9th level or higher can use his performance to create metals that harden and in an instance where he directs them. This functions like Wall of Iron using his Iron Song level as his caster level.

This replaces the iron song's inspire greatness performance.

Inspired Golem

At 14th level the iron song creates a construct to fight alongside them while they are performing. Using his performance he can summon an iron golem that remains intact until it is destroyed or his performance ends. This ability can only be used once per day.

This replaces the iron song's frightening tune performance.