Divine Morale

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A Cleric must choose the Protection domain as one of their domains or one of the Protection subdomains if they don't worship a deity. If they worship a deity, the deity must have Protection as a domain.

Channel Armor

A divine morale channels AC to their allies instead of healing them with their channel. The Divine Morale channels 1d4 of Natural Armor at 1st level, 1d4 of Deflection at 3rd, 1d4 of Dodge at 5th, 1d4 of Shield at 7th, and 1d4 of Miscellaneous at 9th. Natural Armor becomes 2d4 at 11th, Deflection becomes 2d4 at 13th, and so on. Multiple uses of Channel can be used on the same person so long as a different type of AC bonus is chosen, however multiple uses that would normally stack (example: Dodge and Natural Armor) do not stack when using this ability. The bonus granted by this channeling ability is an Enchantment Bonus, and thus does not stack with other enchantment bonuses.

This alters the Channel Energy ability.

Spontaneous Protection

A cleric of any alignment can sacrifice any spell that isn't an orison or domain to cast any spell with "shield" in their name on the Cleric spell list.

This alters the Spontaneous Casting ability.