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Improved Bonded Object

Your bonded object provides you an additional benefit.

Prerequisite: Must possess a bonded object.
Your bonded object grants you an additional bonus, equal to +1 at 1st level and increasing by an additional +1 every four levels thereafter. The type of the bonus, and what it applies to, is based on the type of object. This benefit only applies when you are wearing or wielding the bonded object.

  • Weapon: You get a competence bonus to attack rolls made with your bonded weapon. You can also use your bonded weapon to deliver touch spells, as if using an unarmed strike or natural attack (see "Holding the Charge" under the Cast a Spell action).
  • Wand: You get a competence bonus to ranged attack rolls for spells.
  • Staff: You get a competence bonus on level checks made to overcome spell resistance.
  • Ring: You get a competence bonus to concentration checks.
  • Amulet: You get a resistance bonus on all saving throws against spells, spell-like effects and supernatural effects.