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Monster Conversion Guide

This guide is here to make you familiar with the work flow of converting a monster for use on d20PfSRD. If you have any questions or are lost, need help or just feel like talking, head on over to the messageboards!

Step 1: Choosing a monster for conversion

Check this spreadsheet for monsters that need conversion. Then click the link at the bottom to edit the spreadsheet and add your name and the date to the monster(s) you wish to convert. This ensures that yours and other's work is not in vain because someone else did the same conversion already!

You will only be able to see and edit the spreadsheet when you are logged in to Google sites.

Conversions in Progress

Helpful Links

Here are a few pages you might find useful when performing conversions:

Creature Conversion Guide
The Link Page
The Section 15 Page

Step 2: Converting the monster

Converting a monster can be a pretty involved task with lots of details to consider and keep track of. So start by creating a new page either under the work area or under your own lab. Use the template for monsters to get an already formatted basic page you just need to fill with the correct values. Don't forget to delete things that the monster does not possess. If you have any problems feel free to ask your questions on the messageboard.

Step 3: The Review Queue

When you are done converting the monster move it under the Bestiary Conversion Guide -> Feedback page. It will automatically show up on the Conversion Guide page and other collaborators can double-check your numbers, correct mistakes or just give general feedback on a job well done.

Step 4: Moving the Final Page

When your conversion has been reviewed and there are no more (or never were) mistakes the page will be moved to it's final position. There it will be accessible by all visitors and it will find it's way to the gaming table of countless GMs, each of them quite thankful that they don't have to convert monsters themselves! :)