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Improved Mystical Performance (Gestalt)

Your proficiency at mixing magic with performance has improved.

PrerequisiteCha 15, Perform 11 ranks, Mystical Performance

Benefit: You learn a new bardic performance, chosen from the following: inspire competence, suggestion, dirge of doom, or inspire greatness. Alternatively, you can instead choose to learn two more of the bardic performances that a bard learns at 1st level (countersongdistractionfascinate, or inspire courage) that you do not already know. In addition, you can use your bardic performance for one additional round per day for every 2 character levels you possess (rounded down). You still treat your bard level as your character level - 2 when determining level-dependent effects of performances.

SpecialYou may select this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you select the feat, you may learn a new bardic performance from the list above, but you do not gain additional uses per day.