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Greater Mystical Performance (Gestalt)

Your proficiency at mixing magic with performance has improved.

PrerequisiteCha 17, Perform 17 ranks, Improved Mystical Performance

BenefitYou learn a new bardic performance, chosen from the following: soothing performance, frightening tune, or inspire heroics. In addition, you can use your bardic performance for one additional round per day for every 2 character levels you possess (this stacks with the extra rounds of performance from Improved Mystical Performance, for a total of one additional round per level). Treat your bard level as your character level when determining level-dependent effects of performances.

SpecialYou may select this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you select the feat, you may learn a new bardic performance from the list above, but you do not gain additional uses per day.