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Divine Gift (Gestalt)

You are gifted with a particular connection to divine energies and can call upon those energies the way a cleric does.

PrerequisiteWis 13, Skill focus (Knowledge [Religion], see below), character level 3rd

Benefit: Select one cleric domain. This domain or cannot be one you already have. You gain the first-level domain power for the selected domain (if the domain grants more than one power at first level, choose one). For purposes of using that power, treat your cleric level as equal to your character level – 2, even if you have levels in cleric. You do not gain any of the other domain abilities.

Special: You may choose an inquisition instead of a domain. You must have Skill focus (Knowledge [Religion]), unless the domain or inquisition in question is among those listed in Tables: Special Skill Focus requirements, in which case you must have Skill focus in the skill listed.

Tables: Special Skill focus requirements
DomainSkill Focus skill
AnimalKnowledge (Nature)
ArtificeCraft (any)
MagicKnowledge (Arcana)
PlantKnowledge (Nature)
ScalykindKnowledge (Nature)
Trickery Stealth
WarProfession (Soldier)
WeatherKnowledge (Nature)
InquisitionSkill Focus skill
Black PowderKnowledge (Arcana)
RevelationKnowledge (Planes)
SpellkillerKnowledge (Arcana)
TacticsProfession (Soldier)
TruthSense Motive