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[Magus] Eldritch Magus

The Eldritch Magus gains her spellcasting power from inherent magical talent, much like a sorcerer, rather than careful study.

The eldritch magus is an archetype of the magus class.


The eldritch magus does not gain cantrips and spells per day as a typical magus does. Instead, the eldritch magus gains cantrips, spells known, and spells per day as a bard of the same level (though still using the magus class spell list). If an eldritch magus selects the harmonic blending, jinx blending, or spell blending magus arcanas, she gains the selected spells as bonus spells known. The eldritch magus uses her Charisma, rather than her Intelligence, to determine effects relating to her spells, such as bonus spells per day, the maximum spell level she can cast, and the save DCs of her spells.

Upon reaching 4th level, and at every even-numbered magus level after that (6th, 8th, and so on), an eldritch magus can choose to learn a new spell in place of one she already knows. In effect, the magus loses the old spell in exchange for the new one. The new spell's level must be the same as that of the spell being exchanged. An eldritch magus may swap only a single spell at any given level, and must choose whether or not to swap the spell at the same time that she gains new spells known for the level.

Eldritch Magic

At 7th level, an eldritch magus gains Eldritch Heritage as a bonus feat, even if she does not meet the prerequisites. If she already has the Eldritch Heritage feat, she instead gains the Improved Eldritch Heritage feat (but must choose the 3rd level power).

This ability replaces the knowledge pool ability.

Bloodline Magic

At 19th level, the eldritch magus gains access to the 1st-6th level bonus spells from the bloodline she selected for the eldritch magic ability.

This ability replaces the greater spell access ability.