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[Alchemist] Arcane Chemist

The arcane chemist seeks to combine alchemy and arcane magic, always working to discover new ways to combine the two, but cares less for experimenting on himself than on others.

The arcane chemist is an archetype of the alchemist class.


At 1st level, the arcane chemist gains the Infusion discovery.

This ability replaces the mutagen ability.

Arcane Discovery (Su)

As the arcane chemist advances, he gains insight into the relationship between alchemy and arcane magic. At 4th, 7th, 10th, and 13th level, he gains a new ability that allows him to use his extracts and/or bombs to greater effect.

At 4th level, the arcane chemist can select from the following initial arcane discoveries.

Cocktail (Su): The arcane chemist can combine two discoveries that modify his bombs. If both discoveries modify the bomb to deal damage other than fire damage, he splits the damage dice evenly between the types; when there is an odd number of damage dice, he can choose which energy type the odd die of damage comes from. For example, an 8th-level arcane chemist could throw an acid-frost bomb, dealing either 2d6 acid damage and 3d6 frost damage, or 3d6 acid damage and 2d6 frost damage. Additional effects from the bomb still apply (if there are multiple, those affected must make a saving throw for each), but the save DC for cocktail bombs is reduced by 2.

Throw Infusion (Ex): The arcane chemist has learned how to make his infused extracts take effect via skin contact, so they do not need to be imbibed. The arcane chemist can throw an infused extract like a bomb, using the same bonuses he would apply to an attack roll with a bomb. If the attack roll is successful, the target is affected by the extract. An aware ally may allow the arcane chemist to hit him with the extract (so he only needs to hit the flat-footed touch AC of his ally, usually 10 + deflection bonuses + size modifiers).

At 7th level, the arcane chemist adds the following arcane discoveries to the list of those that can be selected.

Unlocked Arcana (Su): When an arcane chemist selects this discovery, he must select one spell from the wizard spell list that is of an alchemist extract level he can cast. He adds this spell to his formula book and formulae list as an alchemist extract of its wizard spell level. He can instead select two spells to add in this way, but both must be at least one level lower than the highest-level alchemist extract he can use.

Convert Formulae (Su): The arcane chemist can sacrifice up to two prepared extracts to create a bomb that deals 1d6 damage per extract level sacrificed, to a maximum of his normal bomb damage. Creating and throwing a bomb in this manner requires a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. The converted bomb does not count towards his normal daily limit of bombs, but is otherwise treated like a normal alchemy bomb, including the added damage from his Intelligence modifier.

At 10th level, the arcane chemist adds the following arcane discoveries to the list of those that can be selected.

Bomb Flurry (Su): When making a full-attack with bombs, the arcane chemist can throw one additional bomb, but all of his attack rolls take a –2 penalty when using Bomb Flurry. The arcane chemist must have the Fast Bombs discovery to select this arcane discovery.
    Convert Bomb (Su): The arcane chemist can sacrifice two daily uses of his bombs to quickly duplicate an extract he has prepared. He can only duplicate an extract he has prepared and has not yet expended. Doing so requires a move action to mix the chemicals, and the created extract only lasts until the end of the arcane chemist’s next turn; if the duplicate extract is not used in this time, its properties fade and the duplicate extract is lost.

    This ability replaces poison use, poison resistance, swift poisoning, and poison immunity.

    Arcane Epiphany (Su)

    At 16th level, the arcane chemist gains access to an expanded formulae list. He learns and places 14 spells from the wizard’s spell list into his formula book as alchemist extracts of their wizard level. He gains two of each of the following wizard spells not on the alchemist formulae list:

    0-level, 1st-level, 2nd-level, 3rd-level, 4th-level, 5th-level, and 6th-level.

    This ability replaces persistent mutagen.