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Unarmed & Natural Weapon Feats

This is a list of feats that specifically assist characters who fight with unarmed strikes or natural weapons. This does not include feats that generally help any melee character equally.
Aspect of the BeastWild shape class featureGain one of four bestial advantagesGAPG
Eldritch ClawsStr 15, natural weaponsbase attack bonus +6Natural weapons treated as magic and silverGAPG
Improved Unarmed Strike*Always considered armedG, CCRB
  Adder Strike*Poison Use class feature, Improved Unarmed StrikeCraft (alchemy) 1 rankMay apply contact poison to unarmed strikesG, CUC
    Pinpoint Poisoner* Adder StrikeTwo-Weapon Fighting or flurry of blows class feature, Craft(alchemy) 6 ranksWhen using Adder Strike, you may poison two blowgun darts that can be used in meleeG, CUC
  Belier's Bite*Improved Unarmed Strike+1d4 bleed damage with unarmed strikesG, CCEoD
  Crusader's Fist*Lay on hands or touch of corruption class feature, Improved Unarmed Strike,base attack bonus +6May use lay on hands or touch of corruption upon successful unarmed strikeG, CUC
  Deflect Arrows*Dex 13, Improved Unarmed StrikeAvoid one ranged attack per roundG, CCRB
    Snatch Arrows*Dex 15, Deflect ArrowsCatch one ranged attack per roundG, CCRB
  Dispelling FistImproved Unarmed Strike, ability to cast dispel magicbase attack bonus+11, caster level 7thMay cast dispel magic as a swift action after an attackGUC
  Domain Strike*Domain class feature, Improved Unarmed StrikeUse a domain power through unarmed strikeG, CUC
  Elemental Fist*Con 13, Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strikebase attack bonus +8Deal 1d6 energy damage with an unarmed strikeG, CAPG
  Elusive Redirection Elusive target class feature, Combat ExpertiseImproved Unarmed Strike,flowing monk level 12thWhen you successfully avoid damage, spend 1 ki point to redirect attack back at opponentG, CUC
  Feral Combat 
Improved Unarmed StrikeWeapon Focus with selected natural weaponUse Improved Unarmed Strike feats with natural weaponsG, CUC
  Hamatulatsu*Improved Unarmed StrikeWeapon Focus (unarmed strike)Unarmed attacks can inflict piercing damage and sicken foesG, CISWG
  Hex Strike*Hex class feature, Improved Unarmed StrikeUpon successful unarmed strike, you may use a hexG, CUC
  Ki Throw*

Improved TripImproved Unarmed StrikeThrow opponent into adjacent square with a trip attackG, CAPG
    Binding Throw*Improved GrappleImproved TripKi ThrowAfter successful Ki Throw, you may attempt to grappleG, CUC
    Improved Ki Throw* Improved Bull RushKi ThrowThrow opponent into occupied square as a bull rushG, CAPG
  Knockout ArtistSneak attack class feature, Improved Unarmed StrikeGain +2 damage per sneak attack when dealing nonlethal sneak damageGUC
  Monastic Legacy*Still mind class feature, Improved Unarmed StrikeCount half your non-monk levels as monk levels for unarmed strike damageG, CUC
  Nightmare Fist*Improved Unarmed StrikeIntimidate 1 rank, ability to create magical darknessWhile fighting in magical darkness, you deal +2 damageG, CUC
    Nightmare Weaver*Improved Unarmed StrikeNightmare FistIntimidate 2 ranks, ability to castdarknessCan demoralize foes while casting darknessG, CUC
Nightmare Striker*
Improved Unarmed StrikeNightmare FistNightmare WeaverStunning Fist,Heal 5 ranks, ability to cast faerie fireWhile opponent is under the effects of faerie fire, your DC for stunning fistincreases by 2G, CUC
  Perfect Strike*Dex 13, Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strikebase attack bonus +8Roll twice for unarmed strikes and take the better rollG, CAPG
  Punishing Kick*Con 13, Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strikebase attack bonus +8Knock down or push back foes with unarmed strikesG, CAPG
  Scorpion Style*Improved Unarmed StrikeReduce target's speed to 5 ft.G, CCRB
    Gorgon's Fist*Scorpion Stylebase attack bonus +6Stagger a foe whose speed is reducedG, CCRB
Medusa's Wrath*
Gorgon's Fistbase attack bonus +11Make 2 extra attacks against a hindered foeG, CCRB
  Cockatrice Strike*
Medusa’s Wrathbase attack bonus +14Turn a target to stone with a critical hitG, CAPG
  Stunning Fist*Dex 13, Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strikebase attack bonus +8Stun opponent with an unarmed strikeG, CCRB
    Crushing Blow*Stunning FistStunning Fist reduces target’s ACG, CUC
    Jawbreaker*Improved Unarmed StrikeStunning FistHeal 6 ranksWith successful Stunning Fist, you may cripple opponent's mouthG, CUC
Dex 13, Improved GrappleImproved Unarmed StrikeJawbreakerStunning FistHeal 9 ranksDeal Str or Dex damage when using Stunning FistG, CUC
BonebreakerGreater GrappleImproved GrappleImproved Unarmed StrikeJawbreakerStunning FistHeal 12 ranksMay deal Str or Dex damage to pinned opponentG, CUC
  Touch of Serenity*Wis 18, Improved Unarmed Strikebase attack bonus +8Foes hit by unarmed strikes cannot attack or cast spellsG, CAPG
Rending Claws*Str 13, two claw attacks, base attack bonus +6Deal 1d6 extra damage if both claws hitG, CAPG
Feat Type(s)C: Combat; Crit: Critical; F: Faction; G: General; Grit: Grit; T: Teamwork; IC: Item Creation; MM: Metamagic; P Performance