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Magical Feats

This is a list of feats that affect spells, spell-like abilities, or are specifically helpful to spellcasters. Some of these feats will appear here, even if they are also on other lists, if they are still helpful to spellcasting characters. This list does not include ChannelingItem Creation, or Metamagic feats, nor does it include feats available only to select few classes (see Class-Specific Feats on this page). Feats on this list in italics are available (and useful) to non-spellcasters.

Accursed CriticalCritical Focus, ability to cast bestow curse or major curse, caster level 9thConfirm a critical hit and cast a curse as part of the attackG, CritUM
Arcane Armor Training*Armor Proficiency, Lightcaster level 3rdReduce your arcane spell failure chance by 10%G, CCRB
  Arcane Armor Mastery*Arcane Armor TrainingArmor Proficiency, Mediumcaster level 7thReduce your arcane spell failure chance by 20%G, CCRB
Arcane BlastArcane spellcaster, caster level 10thSacrifice a spell to make ray attackGAPG
Arcane ShieldArcane spellcaster, caster level 10thSacrifice a spell to gain deflection bonus to ACGAPG
Arcane Strike*Ability to cast arcane spells+1 damage and weapons are considered magicG, CCRB
  Dispelling CriticalArcane strikebase attack bonus + 11, ability to cast dispel magicAfter critical hit, you may cast dispel magicG, CritUC
Arcane TalentCha 10; elfhalf-elf, or gnomeCast a 0-level spell 3 times per day as a spell-like ability
Blighted CriticalCritical FocusCaster level 5thConfirm a critical hit with a spell or spell-like ability to inflict a random minor spellblightG, CritUM
  Blighted Critical Mastery Blighted CriticalCritical Focuscaster level 9thPick the spellblight inflicted by a criticalGUM
  Greater Blighted Critical Critical FocusBlighted Criticalcaster level 12thConfirm a critical hit with a spell or spell-like ability to inflict a random major spellblightG, CritUM
Combat Casting+4 bonus on concentration checks for defensive castingGCRB
  Uncanny ConcentrationCombat CastingDon’t make concentration checks for violent movement, gain a +2 bonus on all other concentration checksGUM
Cooperative Crafting1 rank in any Craft skill, any item creation feat+2 bonus on Craft or Spellcraft checks while working togetherGAPG
Defensive Combat Training*Use your total Hit Dice as your base attack bonus for CMDG, CCRB
  Advanced Defensive Combat Training*Defensive Combat Training, Bellflower Network 10 TPAGain a +4 bonus to your CMDG, C, FFG
Destructive DispelAbility to cast dispel magic or greater dispel magiccaster level 11thUpon successful dispel, opponent must save or is stunnedGUC
Detect ExpertiseInt 13; ability to cast detect chaosdetect evildetect gooddetect law, ordetect magicDetect a creature’s magical abilitiesGUM
Dimensional AgilityAbundant step class feature or ability to cast dimension doorMay take any additional actions remaining after using dimension door or abundant stepGUC
  Dimensional AssaultDimensional AgilityMay use dimension door or abundant step as part of a charge actionGUC
    Dimensional DervishDimensional Assaultbase attack bonus +6During full-attack action, you may cast dimension door or use abundant step as a swift actionGUC
Dimensional Maneuvers
Dimensional Dervishbase attack bonus +9Gain +4 on combat maneuver checks while using Dimensional DervishGUC
Dimensional Savant
Dimensional Dervishbase attack bonus +9Provide flanking from all squares you attack from when using Dimensional DervishGUC
Dispelling FistImproved Unarmed Strike, ability to cast dispel magicbase attack bonus+11, caster level 7thMay cast dispel magic as a swift action after an attackGUC
Dispel SynergySpellcraft 5 ranksDispel magic target takes a –2 penalty on savesGUC
Divination GuideAbility to cast augury or divinationcaster level 3rd.When you cast augury or divination, you gain a +1 sacred bonus on all saving throws for 10 minutes per your caster level in the class you used to cast the spell.GFoP
Divine InterferenceDivine spellcaster, caster level 10thSacrifice a spell to force an enemy to reroll a successful attack against your allyGUM
Eldritch HeritageCha 13, Skill Focus in bloodline skill, character level 3rd Gain a bloodline powerGUM
  Improved Eldritch HeritageCha 15, Eldritch Heritage, character level 11thGain an additional bloodline powerGUM
    Greater Eldritch HeritageCha 17, Eldritch HeritageImproved Eldritch Heritage, character level 17thGain a higher-level sorcerer bloodline powerGUM
Elemental Focus+1 bonus on save DCs for one energy typeGAPG
  Greater Elemental Focus Elemental Focus+1 bonus on save DCs for one energy typeGAPG
Eschew MaterialsCast spells without material componentsGCRB
Evolved FamiliarInt 13, Cha 13, familiar class featureFamiliar gains a summoner evolutionGUM
Expanded ArcanaCaster level 1st, see featAdd one or two spells to list of spells knownGAPG
Extra Cantrips or Orisons Ability to cast cantrips or orisonsGain 2 additional cantrips or orisons knownGUM
Glorious HeatAbility to cast divine spells, caster level 5thWhen you cast a divine spell with the [fire] descriptor you heal an ally within 30 ft. half your level in hp and grant the ally +1 morale bonus to attacks until end of its turn.GFoP
Improved CounterspellCounterspell with spell of the same schoolGCRB
  Parry SpellSpellcraft 15 ranks, Improved CounterspellReflect a counterspelled spell back on its casterGAPG
Improved FamiliarAbility to acquire a familiar, see featGain a more powerful familiarGCRB
Improved Share SpellsSpellcraft 10 ranks, see featSpells affect both you and your bonded creatureGAPG
Minor Spell ExpertiseCast 4th-level spellsCast 1st-level spell as spell-like ability 2/dayGAPG
  Major Spell ExpertiseMinor Spell Expertise, cast 9th-level spellsCast 5th-level or lower spell as spell-like ability 2/dayGAPG
Sacred SummonsAura class feature, ability to cast summon monsterSummon monsters whose alignment subtype matches yours as a standard actionGUM
Spell BluffBluff 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranksBluff other spellcasters, increasing the DC needed to identify your spellGUM
Spell Focus+1 bonus on save DCs for one schoolGCRB
  Augment SummoningSpell Focus (conjuration)Summoned creatures gain +4 Str and ConGCRB
    Nimble Natural SummonsAugment SummoningSpell Focus (conjuration), caster level 6th.Movement of creatures you summon via summon nature’s ally is not reduced in undergrowth.GFoP
    Superior SummoningAugment Summoningcaster level 3rdWhen summoning more than one creature, summon an extra one creatureGUM
  Diviner’s DelvingSpell Focus (divination)+2 bonus on caster level checks with divinationsGAPG
  Greater Spell FocusSpell Focus+1 bonus on save DCs for one schoolGCRB
  Moonlight SummonsSpell Focus (conjuration), ability to cast summon nature’s allySummoned creatures are immune to confusion and sleep effects, and their natural weapons are treated as silverGUM
  Skeleton SummonerSpell Focus (necromancy), ability to cast summon monsterSummon skeletons instead of living creatures with summon monsterGUM
  Spell SpecializationInt 13, Spell FocusPick one spell and cast it as if you were higher levelGUM
    Greater Spell SpecializationInt 13, Spell FocusSpell Specialization, ability to cast 5th-level spellsSacrifice a spell to cast your specialized spellGUM
  Starlight SummonsSpell Focus (conjuration), ability to cast summon nature’s allySummoned creatures gain a bonus on Perception and Stealth checksGUM
  Sunlight SummonsSpell Focus (conjuration), ability to cast summon nature’s allySummoned creatures glow and are immune to blinding and dazzling effectsGUM
  Tenacious TransmutationSpell Focus (transmutation)+2 to DC to dispel your transmutationsGAPG
  Undead MasterSpell Focus (necromancy), ability to cast animate dead or command undeadAnimate and command more undeadGUM
Spell Penetration+2 bonus on level checks to beat spell resistanceGCRB
  Greater Spell PenetrationSpell Penetration+2 bonus on level checks to beat spell resistanceGCRB
Spell PerfectionSpellcraft 15 ranks, 3 metamagic featsApply any metamagic feat to one spell without penalty, up to 9th levelGAPG
Spontaneous MetafocusCha 13, one metamagic feat, ability to spontaneously cast spellsApply metamagic to one spell and keep the standard Casting TimeGUM
TheurgyWis 13, Int or Cha 13, ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells, ability to cast 1st-level divine spellsAugment arcane spells with divine energy and divine spells with arcane energyGUM
Feat Type(s)C: Combat; Crit: Critical; F: Faction; G: General; Grit: Grit; T: Teamwork; IC: Item Creation; MM: Metamagic; P Performance