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Defensive Feats

This is a general list of feats that help a character stay alive or act longer in combat. Some of these feats will appear here, even if they are also on more specific lists, if they are still helpful to any character. This list does not include feats available only to specific races.

Agile Maneuvers*Use your Dex bonus when calculating your CMBG, CCRB
  Under and Over*Agile Maneuvers, Small size or smallerFailed grapples against you cause attacker to fall proneG, CAPG
Armor Proficiency, Light No penalties on attack rolls while wearing light armorGCRB
  Armor Proficiency, MediumArmor Proficiency, LightNo penalties on attack rolls while wearing medium armor
    Armor Proficiency, HeavyArmor Proficiency, MediumNo penalties on attack rolls while wearing heavy armorGCRB
Body Shield*Improved Grapplebase attack bonus +6Gain cover against attacks while grapplingG, CUC
Bodyguard*Combat ReflexesUse attack of opportunity to add a bonus to adjacent ally’s ACG, CAPG
  In Harm’s Way*BodyguardTake the damage of a successful attack upon an adjacent allyG, CAPG
Bolstered Resilience Damage reductionIncrease DR against a single attackGUC
Cartwheel DodgeImproved Evasion class feature, Acrobatics 12 ranksWith a successful evasion you may move half your speedGUC
Combat Expertise*Int 13Trade attack bonus for AC bonusG, CCRB
  Disengaging Feint*Combat ExpertiseImproved FeintFeint lets you move your speed without provoking attacks of opportunityG

    Disengaging Flourish*Int 13, Combat ExpertiseDisengaging FeintImproved FeintSuccessful feint causes your starting square to not count as threatenedG, CUC
  Felling Escape*Int 13, Combat ExpertiseImproved TripTrip a foe when you break a grappleG, C, CritUC
Coordinated Defense*+2 bonus to CMDC, TAPG
Cornugon Shield*Dex 15, Weapon Focus (spiked chain).Shield bonus to AC when wielding a spiked chainG, CCEoD
Defensive Combat Training*Use your total Hit Dice as your base attack bonus for CMDG, CCRB
  Advanced Defensive Combat Training*Defensive Combat Training, Bellflower Network 10 TPAGain a +4 bonus to your CMDG, C, FFG
Defensive Weapon Training*Int 13, base attack bonus +5Gain +2 dodge bonus against a single fighter weapon groupG, CUC
Deflect Arrows*Dex 13, Improved Unarmed StrikeAvoid one ranged attack per roundG, CCRB
  Snatch Arrows*Dex 15, Deflect ArrowsCatch one ranged attack per roundG, CCRB
Disrupting Shot*Dex 13, Point-Blank Shot, 6th-level fighterRanged attacks increase enemy’s DC to cast spellsG, CAPG
Disruptive*6th-level fighterIncreases the DC to cast spells adjacent to youG, CCRB
  Spellbreaker*Disruptive, 10th-level fighterEnemies provoke attacks if their spells failG, CCRB
    Ray Shield*Dex 15, Missile ShieldSpellbreakerDeflect one ranged touch attack per round with shieldG, CAPG
Dodge*Dex 13+1 dodge bonus to ACG, CCRB
  Mobility*Dodge+4 AC against attacks of opportunity from movementG, CCRB
    Gliding StepsDodgeMobilityNimble Moveski poolUse ki to provoke fewer attacks of opportunities while movingGUM
  Wind Stance*Dex 15, Dodgebase attack bonus +6Gain 20% concealment if you moveG, CCRB
    Lightning Stance*Dex 17, Wind Stancebase attack bonus +11 Gain 50% concealment if you moveG, CCRB
Duck and CoverTake ally’s result on Reflex saving throwTAPG
Endurance+4 bonus on checks to avoid nonlethal damageGCRB
  Deny DeathKi poolEnduranceUse ki to stave off deathGUM
  DiehardEnduranceAutomatically stabilize and remain conscious below 0 hpGCRB
    Fast HealerCon 13, DiehardEnduranceRegain additional hit points when healingGAPG
    Heroic DefianceDiehard, base Fortitude save +8Once per day, delay onset of harmful condition for 1 roundGAPG
    Heroic RecoveryDiehard, base Fortitude save +4Once per day, gain new saving throw against harmful condition requiring FortsaveGAPG
  Drunken Brawler*EnduranceTake -2 penalty to Reflex saving throws but gain temporary hit points and bonuses to Fort and Will saves for 1 hr. or until temporary hit points are gone.G, CFoP
Favored DefenseFavored enemy class featureBonus to CMD and AC when attacked by favored enemyGAPG
Fey FoundlingYou may only select this feat at 1st level. Healed +2 points per die rolled, +2 bonus on saves vs. death effects, suffer +1 damage from cold iron weapons GISWG
Flanking Foil*Foes you strike lose their flanking bonus against youG, CUC
Fortified Armor Training*Proficient with armor or shieldBreak armor or shield to turn critical hit into a normal hitG, CUC
Gliding StepsDodgeMobilityNimble Moveski poolUse ki to provoke fewer attacks of opportunities while movingGUM
Great Fortitude+2 on Fortitude savesGCRB
  Improved Great FortitudeGreat FortitudeOnce per day, you may reroll a Fortitude saveGCRB
Iron Will+2 bonus on Will savesGCRB
  Improved Iron WillIron WillOnce per day, you may reroll a Will saveGCRB
Ki StandKi poolStand up as a swift action, and spend 1 ki point to not provoke attacks of opportunity when you do soGUM
Lightning Reflexes+2 bonus on Reflex savesGCRB
  Improved Lightning ReflexesLightning ReflexesOnce per day, you may reroll a Reflex saveGCRB
Low Profile*Dex 13, Small size or smaller+1 dodge bonus to AC against ranged attacksG, CAPG
Protector's StrikeSmite evil class feature, base attack bonus +5Grant someone else a deflection bonus to AC while smiting evil instead of yourself.GFoP
Raging VitalityCon 15, rage class feature+2 bonus to Con when raging, and continue raging if unconsciousGAPG
Shield ProficiencyNo penalties on attack rolls when using a shieldGCRB
  Improved Shield Bash*Shield ProficiencyKeep your shield bonus when shield bashingG, CCRB
  Saving Shield*Shield ProficiencyGrant shield bonus to an adjacent allyG, CAPG
  Shield Focus*Shield Proficiencybase attack bonus +1Gain a +1 bonus to your AC when using a shieldG, CCRB
    Covering Defense*Shield Focusbase attack bonus +6Provide cover to an ally with total defenseG, CAPG
    Greater Shield Focus*Shield Focus, 8th-level fighterGain a +1 bonus to your AC when using a shieldG, CCRB
  Missile Shield*Dex 13, Shield FocusDeflect one ranged attack per round with shieldG, CAPG
    Ray Shield*Dex 15, Missile ShieldSpellbreakerDeflect one ranged touch attack per round with shieldG, CAPG
  Shield Specialization*Shield Focus, 4th-level fighter+2 bonus to AC against criticals with one type of shieldG, CAPG
    Greater Shield Specialization*Greater Shield FocusShield Specialization, 12th-level fighter+2 bonus to AC against criticals, and negate critical hit once per dayG, CAPG
  Shield Wall*Shield ProficiencyIncrease your shield bonus to ACC, TCRB
  Tower Shield Proficiency* Shield ProficiencyNo penalties on attack rolls when using a tower shieldG, CCRB
Toughness+3 hit points, +1 per Hit Die beyond 3GCRB
Two-Weapon Defense*Two-Weapon FightingGain +1 shield bonus when fighting with two weaponsG, CCRB
Uncanny AlertnessAlertness+1 on Perception and Sense Motive checks and a +2 bonus on saving throws against sleep and charm effectsGUM

Feat Type(s)C: Combat; Crit: Critical; F: Faction; G: General; Grit: Grit; T: Teamwork; IC: Item Creation; MM: Metamagic; P Performance