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Channeling Feats

The regular Channeling Feats list is lacking, so here is a more comprehensive list of feats that have to do with channeling.
*These feats require Channel Energy, which is available to the Cleric core class, the Paladin core class, and the Antipaladin alternate class. It is also available (with restrictions) to Druids with the Arctic or Swamp domains, Oracles with the Bones or Life mysteries, and Wizards of the Necromancy school.

Cleric FeatsPrerequisitesBenefitsFeat
Alignment ChannelChannel energy class featureChannel energy can heal or harm outsidersGCRB
Channel SmiteChannel energy class featureChannel energy through your attackG, CCRB
  Greater Channel Smite Channel Smitebase attack bonus +8Can exchange channel positive energy to create pool of damage diceGUC
  Guided HandChannel Smite, proficiency with deity’s chosen weaponMay use Wisdom modifier for attack rolls with favored weaponGUC
Channeled RevivalChannel positive energy 6d6May expend channel energy to cast breath of lifeGUC
Channeled Shield WallChannel energy 3d6, proficiency with shieldEnhance your shield and the shields of allies adjacent to you
Channeling ScourgeInquisitorchannel energy class featureInquisitor levels count as cleric levels for channeling damageGUC
Command UndeadChannel negative energy class feature.Channel energy can be used to control undeadGCRB
Crusader's Flurry Channel energy and flurry of blows class features, Weapon Focus with deity's favored weapon May use flurry of blows with deity’s favored melee weapon G UC
Elemental ChannelChannel energy class feature.Channel energy can harm or heal elementalsGCRB
Extra ChannelChannel energy class feature.Channel energy two additional times per dayGCRB
Improved ChannelChannel energy class feature.+2 bonus on channel energy DCGCRB
  Bestow HopeChannel positive energy class feature, Improved ChannelWhen you heal a creature by channeling positive energy, you also relieve its fearGFoP
Life Lure Channel positive energy class feature Channel positive energy to fascinate undead G UM
Quick Channel Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks, channel energy class feature Channel energy faster by expending more uses G UM
Selective ChannelingCha 13, channel energy class feature.Choose whom to affect with channel energyGCRB
  Contingent Channeling True Healer class feature, Selective Channeling May transfer positive energy to ally who can use it to heal G UC
Turn UndeadChannel positive energy class feature.Channel energy can be used to make undead fleeGCRB
Versatile Channeler Channel energy class feature, worship a neutral deity or neutral alignment and no deity Channel both positive and negative energy G UM
Feat Type(s)C: Combat; Crit: Critical; F: Faction; G: General; Grit: Grit; T: Teamwork; IC: Item Creation; MM: Metamagic; P Performance