Enlightened Special Attacks

Enlightened Special Attacks:

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Name: (Pre-Reqs) Details

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    Armored Rager: (Armor Training+Rage) ???

    Stunt Attacks: These attacks grant combat bonuses based on skill checks. They don't mesh two class features together and thus don't have any pre-requisites.                                                                            Dancing Strike: By moving and making a single attack coupled with a spin or otherwise evasive maneuver, the target of such an attack finds it harder to land a solid blow. Benefits: when moving and making an attack, roll acrobatics as part of your move action. For every 10 rolled,gain a +1 dodge bonus to ac that stacks with all other dodge bonuses. Anyone that is hit during this stunt also cannot deal critical damage. At 10 HD, this bonus is also doubled against struck targets.            Carry Momentum: By making a movement based check (i.e. acrobatics, climb or swim) successfully during a charge, you use the momentum to propel yourself into your target, gaining an additional bonus on a trip, bullrush, overrun equal to your HD+1.5x Str.                    ZZ:zz                                                                                                    ZZ:zz                                                                                                    ZZ:zz

    Familiar Smiting: (Smite(any)+familiar) Familiars gain benefits of Smite, including when channeling your touch attacks.

    Favored Smiting: (Smite(any)+favored enemy) double favored enemy bonus if smiting favored enemy, animal companion (if have) also gains smite benefits, if hunters bond w/ allies, allies gain favored enemy bonuses on said target.

    Flurry of Bombs: (Bomb+Flurry of Blows) Can throw bombs as part of a flurry of blows.

    Sneak-Bomb: (bomb+SA) When sneak attacking with a bomb, add HD to sneak attack damage with first bomb thrown. Can also set bombs up as mines that deal sa dmg when set off.

    Mounted Casting: (Animal companion or special mount+ spellcasting) can cast spells while mounted w/o concentration check.

    Companion-Familiar: (animal companion+familiar) Animal Companion gains most of the benefits of a familiar as well as its own, replaces familiar.

    Divine Wrath: (Channel Energy-Smite(any)) Use a Channel Energy use against . This can't be reduced by Resistances and there is no SV.

    Spell Training: (Weapon Training+Specialist Wizard) Your chosen school of magic can be selected for your Weapon Training class skill, this benefit applies to DCs, atk and dmg rolls for that school. All your spells from that school also can be ___? (Immediate benefit?)