Enlightened Special Qualities


Enlightened Special Qualities

Advanced Study                                                                                                                                                                                                       Through personal study and meddling, you've discovered a method to cast arcane spells as divine spells and vice versa. You need to have access to both sources (i.e. Be a gestalt wizard-cleric) but can prepare known spells in either available slots, or choose one as a known spell for a spontaneous caster. Also gain +2 to two: Int, Wis, or Cha.

Impressive Heritage:                                                                                                                                                                                            Child of Divinity                                                                                                                                                                                                        Born of the gods, you have an obviously celestial or fiendish countenance. Grant a +2 to 3 abilities, and a +1 to the rest. In addition, gain an energy threshold of 4+hd against acid, electricity, cold and fire. As well, gain "Divine Favor" as an SLA usable 1 per day per hd, casting as a Swift Action. As well as further SLAs dependent upon hd:

HDSpell-like Abilities (/day)
 3 Bless (1/3 HD per day), Entropic Shield (3/day)
 6 Cure Moderate Wounds (1/3 per day)
 8 Bless becomes Prayer
 10 Greater Magic Weapon (1/5 HD per day)
 12 Atonement 1/day), True Seeing (2/Day), Lesser Planar Ally (1/week)
 15 Commune (3/day), Tongues (constant on self)
 18 Planar Ally (1/week), Lesser Planar Ally becomes (1/day)
 20 Miracle (1/day)
Caster level is equal to hit die and uses charisma as its relevant ability score.                                                                                                                                                        Child of Tears                                                                                                                                                                                                                Born of "Those that exist between existence", the Traelings, you have a shimmering dark-blue tear-shaped mark under your eye. Gain a +2 to Strength, +2 Constitution, and +4 Charisma as you are unnaturally beautiful and notably resilient for your race. Further benefits depend on HD:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
 3 Traeling Brood (+2 Charisma, Traelings see you as one of them, skin takes on blue hue)
 5 Unnatural Beauty (Charisma bonus as a deflection bonus to AC, min +1)
 9 Unnatural Strength (+2 Strength, wield weapons of one size larger than you, no visual indication of strength)
 10Dimensional Slip (Dimension Door as a supernatural ability 1/day)

Born of Lies                                                                                                                                                                                                            Born as part of a deal with a devil or other deceptive and powerful being, this creature has immense deceptive abilities. In addition to half of his hd as a competence bonus to bluff checks, he gains access to the Trickery domain as a cleric of his hd. This only includes the spells if he has a high enough charisma bonus to grant bonus spells of that level or he is a divine caster, at which point he gains them as domain spells or added to his spell list. If he gains them as slas, he can cast the first 1/day, and when he gains access to a new one, all subsequent slas can be used once more per day.


Child of Satyrs, Nymph, Dryads or other purely fey beings those born gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against any fey special attack or spell originating from a fey-like being (including elves and gnomes). In addition, certain constant effects bless them as they gain power. All effects are magical effects and can be suppressed but never dispelled, even the feyborn can suppress them as a move action if she so desires. In addition,

HD - Spell Effect

1 - Intuit Direction, Detect Poison, Endure Elements

2 - Detect Snares and Pits

5 - Spider Climb

8 - Speak with Animals

9 - Barkskin

12 - Freedom of Movement

15 - Waterbreathing

18 -

20 - Beastform IV (10 minute/hd per day

Leader of Men

GM's discretion

Granted a natural charisma and aura of authority. Amongst peers this being was always obeyed and looked to for approval, whether the authority was legitimate ornot. Gain half your hd to diplomacy and intimidate checks as well as an aura that functions differently for allies and enemies with a range of 5 feet per hd. This aura grants a +1 moral bonus to all rolls, checks and saves made by allies. This bonus stacks with other morale bonuses that don't result from a leader and increases by 1 per 4 hd. Enemies who enter this aura must make a will sav, dc 10 +1/2 hd + cha mod or be unable to attack the Leader due to awe or fear. In addition, gain followers as though through the leadership feat, but no cohort. These followers stack with Leadership if taken later.

GM's discretion

Primordial Potential

GM's Discretion

Due to unknown circumstances you are born to the highest caste of Enlightened, The Primordial. This caste has the potential for vast power and the greatest heroes and villains, those who shaped and reshaped history. Your power will grow with few known limits. In the case of level progression - you are a true gestalt. Every level you gain you may mix the best properties of any classes you wish, so long as the requirements are met. In addition, every 4th hd you gain an additional ability score point to allocate to a different ability score than the standard ability point. (??? - In addition, choose one of the Sigilus Seal Special Qualities listed below and gain its benefits as well.)

GM's Discretion

Improvised Study

Self-learning the methods

+2 Int, Ws. 3 Canyrips off the wizard or cleric list as at will spells. Mix in one additional class at any point in the future. Also gain an additional 3 skill points per level.

Templated Enlightened

Apply any template of a CR adjustment of +2 or lower at first level. Make no adjustments as you gain abilities from the template at higher levels.

Monstrous Enlightened

As a base creature/race, choose a creature whose CR is the equivalent of

Sigilus Seals

The average Sigilus Seal that adorns an enlightened bears no additional benefit, this was an agreed upon outcome of the development process. When the seals were being created by the archmage Mael Sigilus, he crafted them in varying degrees of power. This caused an immense amount of power amongst the special seal-bearers, but the power often drove them psychotic. The power was too much. Inevitably, the Enlightened sacrificed the additional benefits for lesser ones that didn't cause side effects. Mael Sigilus' power, however, echoes through time and his more unique seals sometimes manifest during the crafting of his mundane seals. Listed below are his more common and powerful creations.

Sigilus Vitae

A powerful seal based around redundantly storing, multiplying, and cycling the bearers lifeforce on a frequent basis, this makes the bearer almost assured to die of old age as a violent death is denied him again and again. He gains temporary HP every day equal to his hd and diehard at first level as bonus feat. The benefits compound as the bearer grows in power, granting the benefits of a Cure Spell 1/day to the bearer when dropped below 0 hp. The spell itself is at max caster level and depends upon the hd of the bearer:

2 - Light

5 - Moderate

8 - Srs

11 - Crit

At 4 hd, the bearer gains the benefits of the raise dead spell contingent 1 hour after death with one exception - the bearer only gains a negative level for 24 hours instead of losing a level. This effect can only be used once per level. At _ hd, the bearer becomes nearly unkillable as the amount of lifeforce stored and multiplied has become enough to rebuild his body regardless of sustained damage, the raise dead effect becomes resurrection. At _ hd, the bearer is able to share his lifeforce, granting hp to allies by touch at a 1 for 1 basis. This can drop him to 0 hp but no lower.

Sigilus Arca

A sigil that inspires martial prowess. The bab from any class you take is treated as one step higher, if it s already equal to the level, it is treated as two levels higher. In addition, the seal protects the weapons and armor of the bearer, adding his hd to the hardness and burst dc as well as 3x his hd to the items hp. He gains the benefits of the war domain of a cleric of his hd as well, gaining the domain spells as SLAs if his charisma is high enough to cast them, each once per day.

New Terms and Qualities

Energy Threshold As resistance but less effective. If energy damage is dealt that exceeds the value given, take full damage.