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You can get to the messageboard for this site by clicking on Messageboard or by clicking on Messageboard under Extras in the navigation menu on the left of any and all pages.

Character Sheets

DNDSHEETS.net has been kind enough to link to and use this site in relationship with the awesome online Pathfinder Character Sheets they have developed. You can click on the Character Sheets link under Extras in the navigation menu on the left of any and all pages to load that page within a page on this site or you can go there directly.

Consolidated Lists

Consolidated Lists has the beginnings of a set of Pathfinder conslidated lists.


This page throws some kudos around.

Custom Creations

This page includes some new or custom rules for various subjects. Use or discard at your leisure, they are just things we (or others) have come up with.

Digital Index Lookup

This page includes a text box that takes the text you enter and finds the corresponding Index information from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.


This page includes links to:
  • Downloadable PDF copy of the Paizo PRD. Note that this is not a PDF copy of the PFRPG PDF that Paizo sells but instead a downloaded copy of the PRD website which has all images and formatting removed in the interests of being a faster resource. Try it out and see if you like it.

  • Downloadable HTML copy of this site for offline browsing. This is an offline copy of THIS site and retains most formatting and layout. Warning though, it was made based on the previous layout and does not include the expanding left site menu or any updates since it was created.

  • Paizo-themed wallpapers.

Dungeon Index

This page embeds a great resource in it. It is an index of all Dungeon magazine issues with summaries and very helpful information.

Firefox Search Plugin

Click here and then click on "d20 Pathfinder SRD". This will add this site as a choice in the Search dropdown box in Firefox. When it is installed you will see the Pathfinder "P" as a choice. When you enter a word or phrase and hit enter it will take you to the Search results page.

Pathfinder FAQ

This page is an unofficial compilation of posts and clarifications to the final rules made by Jason or other Paizo folks on the Paizo messageboards which has not been assembled into any other location as yet