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Spear, Totem

The shaft of this traditional Sklar-Quah spear is carved with sacred symbols, and its wide head is drilled with cunning holes that create a loud whistling when the weapon is hurled or used in combat — by turning the spear so that the wind blows over its holes in different orientations, or by varying the speed at which it is swung, a wielder can create mournful dirges.

Description: If the user is trained in the spear’s use, a totem spear can be used by bards to create bardic music effects using Perform (wind instrument). The spear itself has a strong, flexible shaft, and in the hands of one trained in its use, grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Acrobatics checks. The spear’s relatively wide head allows it to be used as a slashing weapon, swung side to side, or as a piercing weapon in a more traditional spear-fighting technique.

Weapon Feature(s): Piercing (P) or Slashing (S)