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A spear-sling consists of a hollow tube with a loop of elastic material, such as rubber or sinew, attached to one end. The wielder draws a harpoon, javelin, shortspear, or spear through the tube, pulling the loop taut. Releasing the loop propels the shaft forward like a bow does an arrow.

Benefit(s) A harpoon, javelin, shortspear, spear, or other weapon shot from a spear-sling is treated as a projectile weapon instead of a thrown weapon, increasing its maximum range and allowing it to be used underwater. Using a spear-sling requires two hands.

Loading a spear-sling is a standard action (a move action if the wielder has the Rapid Reload feat) that provokes attacks of opportunity.

A spear-sling is made with a particular strength rating, like a composite longbow. Each point of Strength bonus granted by the sling's strength rating adds 50 gp to its cost. If you have a negative Strength modifier, apply it to damage rolls when you use a spear-sling.