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Ship's Boat

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Source: S&SPG

Ship's boats are usually carried on the decks of larger ships to use as tenders to ferry passengers and cargo from ship to shore or between ships. Some ship's boats are reserved for the use of officers, while others are used as landing craft or to carry boarding parties. An average ship's boat is 16 to 24 feet long (though the largest ship's boats can be upward of 30 feet long) and has anywhere from four to 10 oars as well as a single mast with a square or lateen sail. A ship's boat has a waterborne speed of 2 miles per hour or 20 miles per day. A ship's boat cannot carry any siege engines. This stat block can be used to represent any of several types of ship's boats, such as cutters, gigs, jolly boats, launches, longboats, or pinnaces, as well as other small, open boats such as faerings, sampans, and whaleboats.

Large ship
Squares 1 (10 ft. by 20 ft.) Cost 500 gp


AC 9; Hardness 5
hp 120 (oars 60, sails 40)
Base Save +2


Maximum Speed 30 ft. (muscle or wind); Acceleration 30 ft.
CMB +1; CMD 11
Ramming Damage 1d8


Propulsion muscle, wind, or current
Sailing Check Diplomacy or Intimidate (when using muscle); Profession (sailor) (when using wind or current)
Control Device oars
Means of Propulsion 6 oars, 10 squares of sails (one mast)
Crew 4 to 10 Medium rowers
Decks 1
Cargo/Passengers 2 tons/up to 12 passengers (depending on size, a ship's boat can carry up to a total of 16 Medium creatures, either as crew or passengers)