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Bone Skiff


Small compared to other sea-going vehicles, a bone skiff can be completely manned by a single creature. This is because the vehicle itself is an undead creature, able to follow the orders of the driver. The design is similar to a boat of similar size, but it is composed entirely of bones covered in a thin layer of leathery skin stretched across its macabre frame. In the very center of the skiff is a grand throne made of bone and rotting flesh. Both armrests of the bone throne are equipped with a throttle to control the zombie arms that line the outside of the bone skiff, allowing it to move forward. Other controls on the throne allow those same arms to strike at creatures or vehicles that come close to the skiff.

Gargantuan Water (undead) vehicle
Squares 18 (15 ft. by 30 ft.); Cost 15,000 gp


AC 6; Hardness 3
hp 216 (107)
Base Save +0


Maximum Speed 30 ft.; Acceleration 30 ft.
Weapons 12 slams (1d6+4); A total of 6 zombified arms emerge from each side of the bone skiff; the arms are 5 feet apart. No more than 6 slam attacks can threaten a single target at any point in time. The driver must make a drive check to attack with the arms. Command Undead provides no bonus to these attack rolls. Ordering the bone skiff to make any number of slam attacks is a standard action.
Attack ram 4d8
CMB +4; CMD 14


Propulsion magic
Driving Check Spellcraft or Use Magic Device; command undead driving
Forward Facing front of vehicle
Driving Device throttles
Driving Space bone throne


Decks 1


Command Undead Driving (Su): A driver with the Command Undead feat can expend a use of channel negative energy to avoid making driving checks, lasting 1 hour per cleric level. The driver automatically succeeds on all driving checks required to maneuver the vehicle. A bone skiff counts as a 12 HD creature for the purpose of determining the number of Hit Dice of undead creatures the driver can control. The driver must be sitting on the grand throne when using channel energy to gain control of the bone skiff.

Undead Subtype A bone skiff is healed by negative energy and harmed by positive energy.