The Heart of Hell

Author Egrod de Muurdorg, human, LN; Language Ancient Common.
Alphabet Common; DC 24; Pages 598 Price 9,765 gp; Weight 14 lbs.


The most comprehensive study of Hell ever written, bar none. Egrod examines and speculates about the origins of Hell, its political hierarchy, its inhabitants and its ultimate goals. Written in a scholarly and unbiased format, the manual reserves judgment on the plane’s wretched creatures and their practices. Nearly ninety years old at the time of its completion, Egrod devoted fifty years of his life to the manual. Because of the terrifying consequences unleashed by misinterpretation, only a few well-guarded copies exist today.  This weighty tome is written on parchment and is bound in leather with a buckle and strap to keep the book shut.

The character receives a +2 insight bonus to AC, attack rolls and saving throws against devils.


Misinterpretation The reader receives a -1 insight penalty to AC, attack rolls, and saving throws against devils.

Gross Misinterpretation The reader moves one alignment step closer to Lawful Evil. (The character moves toward evil before law.)