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Tattoos: Tattoos are ubiquitous among the Yakuza, though not all tattoos are created equal. Abstract tattoos, formed of patterns, stylized images, script, runes, or geometric figures, are cheaper as they are easier to make. The DC for an abstract tattoo is equal to 10 + size modifier. Masterwork tattoos and multiple colors increase the DC by +5 each. Tattoos featuring actual images of people, creatures, places or things increase the DC of the tattoo by another +5. All yakuza are expected to obtain masterwork tattoos and a horimonoshi knows it is more than his life is worth to impart a poor tattoo.

Table: Tattoo Cost and DC Modifiers By Size

Tattoo Size Approximate Measurement Cost (x DC) DC Modifier
Fine 0.5” by 0.5” 7 sp +4
Diminutive 0.75” by 0.75” 13 sp +3
Tiny 1.5” by 1.5” 25 sp +2
Small 3” by 3” 5 gp +1
Medium 6” by 6” 10 gp
Large 12” by 12” 20 gp
Huge 24” by 24” 40 gp