Lantern Shield

A lantern shield is a bulky and heavy piece of steel designed to include a number of items an adventurer might find useful, but can’t conveniently carry if using a shield. Most notably it has a bullseye lantern hooked to the front (which is automatically broken any time a foe scores a critical hit against the wearer of the lantern shield). The lantern can be removed or a new lantern attached with no skill check, requiring one minute of work. Additionally:

  • The shield has several small blades and barbs coming off it, giving the wearer the same benefit as armor spikes.
  • Clips on the inside of the armor can hold one piece of parchment to be easily viewed by the wearer. This is normally used to hold a map or scroll. One readable item attached to these clips is considered useable by the shield’s wearer. It takes one minute of work to remove an item from the clips or attach a new one.
  • A slot at the top of the shield can hold a rod or wand, including a sunrod. Although such items aren’t considered “in hand,” if the wearer has a spare hand he can grab items off this slot as a swift action. (A sunrod placed here illuminates normally.)

Because of the complexity and odd shape of a lantern shield, nonproficient users have the number of attacks of opportunity they may make each rounds reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0).