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Unchained Rogue Talents

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As a rogue gains experience, she learns a number of talents that aid her and confound her foes. Starting at 2nd level, a rogue gains one rogue talent. She gains an additional rogue talent for every 2 levels of rogue attained after 2nd level. A rogue cannot select an individual talent more than once.

Talents marked with an asterisk (*) add effects to a rogue's sneak attack. Only one of these talents can be applied to an individual attack and the decision must be made before the attack roll is made.

At 10th level, and every two levels thereafter, a rogue can choose an advanced talent in place of a rogue talent.

Talents marked with an (1) are talents that were updated to work specifically with the unchained rogue; do not use the older version of these talents intended for the core rogue. Talents marked with an (2) are unmodified talents from the core rogue that also work as is with the unchained rogue.

Note that the talents from PPC:BoS may be selected by rogues, shadowdancers, and unchained rogues. They are highlighted in green to call them out for your convenience.

Skill Stunts: Talents with "Stunt" in the name are a new type of rogue talent. A rogue may select multiple skill stunts, each keyed to a different Dexterity- or Strength-based skill, but may not select the same one twice.

Unchained Rogue Talents
Talent Prerequisites Benefits Source
Assault Leader2 When you miss, allow a flanking ally to make a single melee attack. PRG:APG
Black Market Connections2 You have better access to magic items. PRG:UC
Bleeding Attack*,1 Cause opponents damaged by your sneak attack to bleed PRG:PU
Camouflage1 Gain a bonus to Stealth checks in certain terrains PRG:PU
Canny Observer2 Gain a +4 bonus to Perception checks PRG:APG
Cloying Shades (Su) Dimension door as a spell or spell-like ability (including from the abundant step or shadow jump class features) All creatures adjacent to you when you dimension door or abundant step or shadow jump at the start and end of your teleportation are entangled by grasping shadows. PPC:BoS
Coax Information2 Substitute Bluff or Diplomacy for Intimidate PRG:APG
Combat Swipe1 Gain Improved Steal as a bonus feat, and qualify for Greater Steal PRG:PU
Combat Trick1 Gain a bonus combat feat PRG:PU
Cunning Trigger2 Set off one of your traps within 30 ft as a swift action PRG:APG
Deft Palm2 Use Sleight of Hand to conceal a weapon in plain sight PRG:UC
Distracting Attack*,2 Cause an enemy hit by your sneak attack to become flat-footed PRG:APG
Emboldening Strike* (Ex)
When you hit a creature with a melee attack and deal sneak attack damage, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus on saving throws for every 2 sneak attack dice rolled (minimum +1) for 1 round. PPC:BoS
Esoteric Scholar1 Make a Knowledge check even when untrained PRG:PU
Expert Leaper1 Make longer jumps and fall more gracefully PRG:PU
Extinguishing Strike* (Ex) When you hit a creature with a melee attack that deals sneak attack damage, any non-magical light sources worn or carried by the creature are extinguished. PPC:BoS
Fast Getaway2 Use a withdraw action after making a successful sneak attack or Sleight of Hand check PRG:APG
Fast Stealth1 Move at full speed while using Stealth PRG:PU
Feint from Shadows (Ex) You can feint against a foe within 30 feet that you have concealment (but not full concealment) from, using a ranged weapon and cause the opponent to lose his Dexterity modifier against your next melee or ranged attack. PPC:BoS
Firearm Training2 Gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms) PRG:UC
Focusing Attack* (Ex) Choose confused, shaken, or sickened when you gain this talent. When you have the selected condition and hit a creature with a melee attack that deals sneak attack damage, you no longer have that condition. PPC:BoS
Follow Clues1 Use Perception to follow tracks PRG:PU
Getaway Artist2 Add Fly, Handle Animal, and Ride to your list of class skills PRG:UC
Gloom Magic (Sp) Int 12, minor magic You gain the ability to cast darkness two times per day as a spell-like ability and it does not impair your vision. PPC:BoS
Greater Gloom Magic (Sp) Int 13, gloom magic, minor magic You gain the ability to cast deeper darkness once each day as a spell-like ability and it does not impair your vision. PPC:BoS
Grazing Shot (Ex) Drow, unchained rogue As a standard action, fire a hand crossbow at a foe enemy who has granted cover by another opponent. Make one ranged attack roll and compare the result to each opponent's AC. Each hit deals 1 point of damage. Any special weapon properties or precision damage apply to only a single target, but any poison applied to the bolt affects all targets struck. PPC:AoE
Grit2 Firearm training Gain Amateur Gunslinger and one grit feat PRG:UC
Hold Breath1 Hold your breath longer PRG:PU
Iron Guts2 Gain a bonus on saves against becoming nauseated or sickened PRG:UC
Lasting Poison1 Poison applied to a weapon lasts for two successful attacks PRG:PU
Ledge Walker1 Move along narrow surfaces at full speed using Acrobatics PRG:PU
Major Magic (Sp)1 Int 11, minor magic Cast a 1st-level sorcerer/wizard spell as a spell-like ability PRG:PU
Mien of Despair (Su) When you successfully demoralize an opponent using the Intimidate skill or you perform a successful feint against an opponent, the opponent loses any morale bonuses and cannot benefit from any morale bonuses for 1d4+1 rounds. PPC:BoS
Minor Magic (Sp)1 Int 10 Cast a 0th-level sorcerer/wizard spell as a spell-like ability PRG:PU
Multitalented Use your rogue talents more often PRG:PU
Nimble Climber1 Stop a fall while climbing by making a Climb check PRG:PU
Ninja Trick2 Gain a ninja trick PRG:UC
Obscuring Blow* (Ex) Once per day, you can choose to not deal sneak attack damage to instead attempt to cloud an opponent’s vision. PPC:BoS
Poison Use (Ex) You are trained in the use of poison, and can’t accidentally poison yourself when applying poison to a weapon. PPC:BoS
Positioning Attack2 When you hit, reposition yourself around the target PRG:PU
Powerful Sneak*,1 Take attack roll penalty to reroll sneak attack dice PRG:PU
Quick Disable1 Disable a trap in half the normal amount of time PRG:PU
Quick Disguise2 Reduce the amount of time needed to create a disguise PRG:APG
Quick Trapsmith2 Set a trap as a full-round action PRG:APG
Resiliency1 Gain temporary hit points to avoid dying PRG:PU
Rogue Crawl1 Move at half speed & reduced penalties while prone PRG:PU
Rope Master2 Move at normal speed when using a rope while climbing PRG:UC
Shadow Duplicate (Sp) Once per day as an immediate action when you are hit in combat, you can create a shadow duplicate of yourself. PPC:BoS
Shadow’s Chill* (Su) Cold resistance racial trait When you hit a creature with a melee weapon that deals sneak attack damage, a number of points of the damage dealt equal to the number of sneak attack dice rolled is cold damage. The remainder of the sneak attack damage and the normal weapon damage are unaffected. PPC:BoS
Slow Reactions*,1 Opponents damaged by your sneak attack may not make attacks of opportunity PRG:PU
Stand Up1 Safely stand up from prone as swift action, or stand up as a free action that provokes AoO's PRG:PU
Strong Impression2 Gain Intimidating Prowess as a bonus feat PRG:APG
Strong Stroke2 Rolls twice when making Swim checks and take the better result PRG:UC
Surprise Attack1 During surprise round, opponents are considered flat-footed to the rogue PRG:PU
Survivalist2 Add Heal and Survival as class skills PRG:APG
Swift Poison2 Apply poison to a weapon as a move action PRG:APG
Terrain Mastery1 Gain a favored terrain PRG:PU
Trap Spotter1 Receive a Perception check whenever you come within 10 feet of a trap PRG:PU
Umbral Gear (Su) As a standard action while in an area of dim light or darkness, you can coalesce wisps of shadow into a quasi-real, functional item. PPC:BoS
Underhanded*,2 Deal max damage with a sneak attack using a concealed weapon during the surprise round PRG:UC
Underhanded Trick You gain Improved Dirty Trick as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites. PPC:BoS
Wall Scramble2 Roll twice when making Climb checks and takes the better result PRG:UC
Weapon Training1 Gain Weapon Focus as a bonus feat PRG:PU
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Talent Prerequisites Benefits Source
Chink in the Armor Successful sunder makes opponent easier to be sneak attacked EG:EUUC
Enhanced Delivery* Poison delivered during sneak attack is more difficult to resist EG:EUUC
Expanded Finesse Training Finesse training class feature Apply finesse training to chosen one-handed or two-handed melee weapon EG:EUUC
Graceful Toss Finesse training class feature Apply Dex bonus to damage of one thrown weapon selected with finesse training EG:EUUC
Inspiration Gain Amateur Investigator feat, use rogue level as BAB to qualify for Studied Combatant and Improved Studied Combatant feats. EG:EUUC
Poison Enhancement Weapon's enhancement bonus makes delivered poison deadlier EG:EUUC
Stem the Flow Sneak
attack +3d6
Reduce sneak attack damage to block opponent's channel energy ability EG:EUUC
Underhanded Maneuver Use rogue level in place of BAB when performing sneaky combat maneuvers on unwary opponents EG:EUUC