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The proselytizer is the perfect militant missionary. He seeks to win the hearts and lay claim to the souls of those he meets, and—failing that—spreads the word of his deity at the edge of the sword.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies

A proselytizer does not gain proficiency with heavy armor or with all martial weapons, though he does gain proficiency in his deity's favored weapon. If his deity's favored weapon is unarmed strike, he gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat.

This ability alters the warpriest's weapon and armor proficiencies.

Emotional Appeal

A proselytizer has great power over the emotions of others, wielding his voice like a weapon to pierce the heart of listeners and bring them closer to communion with his deity's power. The warpriest adds the following spells to his warpriest spell list at the indicated levels. He casts these as divine warpriest spells: 1st—charm person, rally point, wrath; 2nd—castigate, heroism, suggestion; 3rd—charm monster, geas (lesser); 4th—forced repentance, serenity; 5th—castigate (mass), suggestion (mass); 6th—antipathy, sympathy.

This ability replaces sacred armor and the bonus feat gained at 3rd level.

Sacred Subdual (Su)

When a proselytizer uses his sacred weapon damage in place of his normal weapon damage, all damage he deals with that weapon is nonlethal damage.

This ability modifies sacred weapon.

Blessing of Conversion

The proselytizer always gains the conversion bonus upon converting an NPC, rather than only the first time he does so each level. The bonuses overlap their durations, and do not stack. The proselytizer does not gain access to the minor blessings granted by his blessing class feature until 3rd level.

This ability modifies blessings.

Voice of the Faithful (Ex)

A proselytizer of 10th level or higher can expend a use of his major blessing to be able to speak to and understand any creature with a language for 1 hour.

This ability modifies blessings (major).