While it doesn't take much more than a ship and a crew to become a pirate, corsairs are a finer breed of freebooter. A corsair's debonair charm and style make her a paradoxical celebrity even among the nations whose ships she plunders.

Swagger (Ex)

At 3rd level, a corsair's confident swagger unnerves her foes and inspires her crew. She gains a +1 bonus on Intimidate checks, and the DC of Intimidate checks made against her increases by 1. She and her allies gain a +1 morale bonus on Profession (sailor) checks. These bonuses and her Intimidate DC increase by 1 for every 4 levels beyond 3rd.

At 7th level, a corsair's swagger gives her an additional benefit when she uses charmed life. If she succeeds at a saving throw against an opponent's attack or ability while using charmed life on that save, she can attempt an Intimidate check to demoralize that opponent without using an action.

This ability replaces nimble.


A corsair gains the following deeds.

Eyes of the Storm (Ex) At 3rd level, whenever she has at least 1 panache point, a corsair can see three times as far as normal in non-magical fog. In magical fog, she can see normally for 10 feet; after that, creatures and objects have partial concealment for the next 10 feet and total concealment thereafter. This deed replaces swashbuckler initiative.

Plunder (Ex) A corsair knows she doesn't always need to win the fight—she just needs to get what she came for. At 7th level, as a full-round action she can make a single attack with a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon against a foe that is either shaken or denied its Dexterity bonus to AC. If the attack hits, the corsair also pilfers a small, loose item from her target as if she had succeeded at a Sleight of Hand or steal combat maneuver check. She doesn't need to attempt a Sleight of Hand check, but if she does so and surpasses the target's opposed Perception check, the target is unaware that the item is stolen. This deed replaces targeted strike.