Jiuweihu (Kitsune)

The jiuweihu is an archetype of the shaman class. Only kitsune may select this archetype.

Considered bringers of fortune and prosperity, a jiuweihu is a kitsune shaman who has been blessed with multiple tails by the spirits of unseen kami. In rare cases, evil jiuweihu who are instead championed by wicked oni are created.

Star Jewel (Ex or Sp)

At 1st level, the jiuweihu gains the jewel bound familiar witch hex.

This ability replaces the spirit animal ability of the shaman's spirit.

Spirit Tails

At 1st level and every two levels thereafter, a jiuweihu gains Magical Tail as a bonus feat. After she has selected Magical Tail eight times, she instead chooses one of her Magical Tail spell-like abilities and increases the number of times per day that she can cast it by one. She cannot select a spell-like ability more than once in this way.

This ability replaces spirit magic.