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Soulrider Outer Rift Exploit (Su)

Note If you use an Outer Rift exploit and in doing so reduce your arcane reservoir to 0, you immediately gain the stain of one manifestation from the accursed, demonic, hellbound, or possessed corruption. The GM chooses which corruption, manifestation, and stain you receive; this stain persists for 24 hours. Reducing your arcane reservoir to 0 in this way multiple times within a 24-hour period results in a new stain for each such instance, and each time you do so you reset the timer for all stains gained in this manner to 24 hours. At the GM’s option, multiple instances of abusing exploits in this manner could result in a permanent corruption, but otherwise these corruptions are temporary and do not progress. You can never gain a gift from a corruption in this way.

Unless otherwise noted, the saving throw DC for an arcanist’s exploit equals 10 + 1/2 the arcanist’s class level + the arcanist’s Charisma modifier.

Effect The arcanist can, as a swift action while he casts a spell that targets one living creature, spend 1 point from his arcane reservoir to infuse his spell with a manifestation of fiendish energy called a “soulrider.” The soulrider attaches to the target of the spell and buries itself in the target’s subconscious mind, persisting there as long as the arcanist maintains at least 1 point in his arcane reservoir, until the arcanist dismisses the soulrider (this requires a standard action), or until the arcanist successfully infects another creature with a soulrider. The target of the spell can resist having the soulrider attach to its soul with a successful Will saving throw (this is in addition to any saving throw the spell itself might or might not allow).

If the target resists the spell’s effects with a successful save or other methods (such as via spell resistance or by being immune to that spell’s effects) the soulrider automatically fails to attach to the victim. Detect magic and detect evil can uncover the presence of a soulrider. As long as the soulrider persists, the arcanist can track the targeted creature as if it were under the effect of status, and the creature takes a –2 penalty to any saving throw against a mind-affecting effect created by the arcanist.

While the soulrider remains bonded to the target, the arcanist can spend 1 point from his arcane reservoir to communicate with the target as per sending. Soulrider is a mind-affecting effect.