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Sword Binder

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Sword binders follow a tradition of martial wizards where they were frequently battlefield commanders, historians, and expedition leaders, they have become much rarer over the past century.

Arcane Bond

A sword binder must choose a sword as his bonded item. He gains proficiency with it.

This alters arcane bond.

Sword of the Mage (Su)

A sword binder can send his bound sword to strike his foes. He gains the hand of the apprentice ability of the universalist school, but can use that ability only with his bound sword. His range with the ability is close (25 feet + 5 feet per 2 wizard levels he possesses), and he can use it a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Intelligence modifier + 1/2 his level.

At 5th level, whenever the sword binder casts a spell with a range of touch from the wizard spell list, he can use his bonded sword to deliver the touch attack, including expending a daily use of hand of the apprentice to make the touch attack at range. This occurs as part of the same action as casting the spell. He gains all the attack bonuses that apply to his sword (including enhancement bonuses and relevant feats), but does not add his sword’s damage or effects to the touch spell.

At 8th level, when a sword binder casts a ranged touch spell or activates this ability to cast a touch spell through it, he can send his bound sword to deliver the spell and strike the target in one motion. Rather than a touch attack, he makes a ranged attack with the sword. If the sword hits, it deals normal weapon damage for hand of the apprentice and the spell automatically hits that target. If the sword misses, the spell lingers on the weapon and the sword binder can attempt to deliver the spell again by activating this ability as a standard action. If the sword binder drops or sheaths the weapon with the spell’s charge still held, the charge dissipates to no effect.

This ability replaces arcane school and bonus school spell slots.

Telekinetic Sword (Sp)

At 10th level, a sword binder can control his bound sword (and only his sword) as per the sustained force option of telekinesis. While the sword is flying in this way, the sword binder can monitor the area around the sword with clairaudience/clairvoyance as a swift action.

This ability can be used once per day at 10th level, and an additional time per day at 15th level and again at 20th level.

This ability can be used for 2 rounds per sword binder level each day.

This ability replaces the 10th level bonus feat.