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Able to carry far more than they appear to, conjurers who focus on the creation of extradimensional spaces make especially good smugglers. Focused arcane schools replace one or more powers granted by a wizard's arcane school.

Associated School: Conjuration.

Replacement Powers: The following school power replaces the summoner's charm power of the conjuration school.

Reshape Space (Su)

Whenever you cast a spell that creates an extradimensional space or demiplane, increase the duration by a number of units (rounds, minutes, hours, etc.) equal to 1/2 your wizard level (minimum 1).

At 20th level, you can make one spell that creates an extradimensional space or demiplane permanent. You can have no more than one such spell made permanent in this way at a time. If you designate another spell as permanent, the previous permanent spell ends.