Ancestral Bloodline

The spirits of your ancestors flows within and around you at all times. You may have been born with this ancestral connection, or it may have awakened at a later date due to a heroic deed or a stressful situation. Regardless, you are favored by your family’s deceased, and their combined power courses in your veins.

Class Skill: Knowledge (history).

Bonus Spells: unseen servant (3rd), false life (5th), speak with dead (7th), globe of invulnerability (9th), contact other plane (11th), heroism (13th), banishment (15th), moment of prescience (17th), foresight (19th).

Bonus Feats: Alertness, Arcane Strike, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Quicken Spell, Skill Focus: Knowledge (history), Skill Focus: Knowledge (planes), Toughness.

Bloodline Arcana: Once per day add a +2 circumstance bonus to any one Knowledge skill check.

Bloodline Powers: You have the power of your collective ancestors surrounding you, and the powers you gain manifest in part due to the heroic or dastardly deeds your family members have achieved before your time. You have been selected by these spirits to build upon your family’s greatness.

Touch of the Ancients (Su): Starting at 1st level you may touch a creature as a standard action dealing 1d6 points of cold damage +1 for every two caster levels you possess. Creatures damaged by this attack become fatigued for 2 rounds. Once targeted by this touch, creatures are immune to its fatigue effect for 24 hours. You can use this power a number of times per day equal to 3+ your Charisma modifier.

Ancestral Protection (Su): Starting at 3rd level, up to a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier, after an attack roll is made against you but before damage is determined you may grant yourself a concealment bonus (20% miss chance). If the hit is still successful apply damage normally. At 12th level this becomes total concealment (50% miss chance). Any effect that normally bypasses concealment negates this ability.

Ancestral Guidance (Su): Starting at 9th level once per day as a full-round action you may call upon your ancestors and roll two dice for any attack roll or skill check and choose either result. At 17th level once per day as a full-round action you may roll three dice for any attack roll or skill check and choose the most preferable result.

Superior Lineage (Ex): At 15th level gain a +4 inherent bonus to your Charisma and a +2 luck bonus to your Armor Class.

Mandate of the Forefathers (Su): At 20th level you serve your ancestors and no one else, gaining immunity to all charms, compulsions, and morale effects.

Editor's Note
The Ancestral Bloodline has been updated from the version published in Wayfinder #1 based on a revised design by it's creator, as noted in this thread.