Your dream-magic strongly influences the waking world.

Associated Bloodline: Dreamspun.

Bloodline Arcana

Though you can still only regain spells once per day, you need only a single hour of sleep prior to doing so. (You still risk fatigue as normal if you don’t receive enough rest.)

This ability replaces the Dreamspun Bloodline Arcana.

Bloodline Powers

Your dreams hint at the future.

Visions (Sp): At 9th level, when you sleep, you can gain information through prophetic visions. Once per day when sleeping, you may gain information about actions taken in the next week as if you had cast a divination spell. You can gain information about a single question at 9th level. At 17th level, you can have two questions answered while you sleep, and at 20th level, three questions.

This bloodline power replaces dreamshaper.