Sanctified Sorcerer

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Not all sorcerers are viewed as tainted monsters. Many faiths place these gifted individuals into rigorous religious training while fostering their innate abilities.

The sanctified sorcerer is an archetype of the sorcerer class.

Divine Dabbler (Ex)

The sanctified sorcerer adds half her level to use magic device checks to activate spell trigger and spell completion items with divine spells.

This ability replaces bloodline arcana.

Power of Faith (Ex)

At third the sanctified sorcerer gains the ability to convert spells into channeled energy. As a standard action the sanctified sorcerer channel energy as a cleric, using her sanctified sorcerer level as her effective cleric level. a sanctified sorcerer can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1+ her charisma modifier.

This ability replaces the bloodline power gained at third level.

Spells of the Divine (Ex)

At third level, and every even level afterwards, the sanctified sorcerer selects a spell from the cleric list and adds it to her spells known. The spell must be one level lower than the highest spell level she can cast.

This ability replaces bloodline spells.