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Jaunter's Prison

Prerequisite(s): Rogue 4, Jaunter's Hop, worship a deity that grants the Trickery and Travel domains (or their subdomains)

Benefit(s): As a move action, the rogue can expend a mote of movement to create an extradimensional prison for one day per rogue class level where the rogue can store a helpless or wiling creature (without gear) touched in stasis. This is often done when a foe is granted an option between this type of imprisonment and death, a subject will submit to this effect. Willing targets cannot be tricked or magically compelled. This places the subject into a state of suspended animation.

For the creature, time ceases to flow, and his condition becomes fixed. The creature grows no older. His bodily functions virtually cease, and no force or effect can harm him. This prison is tied to the rogue, so that when the effect ends, the freed subject appears next to the rogue.

This is considered a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to the rogue's class level.

If the rogue is at least 14th level she can expend 3 motes of movement and affect an unwilling target if it fails a Will save (DC 10+1/2 the rogue's class level + her Charisma modifier), and she only expends the motes of movement if the subject fails its save, but if it succeeds it is immune to this rogue's Jaunter's Prison for 24 hours.

If the rogue is at least 18th level she can expend 4 motes and this can function as an imprisonment with the same DC.