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Jaunter's Hop

Prerequisite(s): Rogue 2, worships deity grants the Trickery and Travel domains (or their subdomains)

Benefit(s): Each day, the rogue gains a pool of supernatural motes of movement equal to three plus her rogue class level. Using a mote of movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity nor does teleporting.

You can use these motes to perform a number of effects but you can only expend one mote of movement each round.

  • Instant Liberation (Su): As a swift action, the rogue can expend a mote of movement to instantaneously teleport to a standing position from prone position or whisks herself out of a grapple losing the grappled and pinned conditions and is teleported to the nearest unoccupied square the rogue chooses.
  • Instant Escape (Su): The rogue automatically expends a mote of movement to instantly blink to avoid any confirmed critical hit or any attack that would reduce her to 0 hit points or less, this ability only operates if the rogue chooses to avoid the critical hit. Avoiding the hit requires a successful Reflex save (DC 10 + ½ the attack bonus or the DC of the spell/effect) though she adds her Charisma modifier to this save rather than her Dexterity modifier. In the case of a damaging spell or ability that would reduce the character to 0 hit points or less, this effectively grants the rogue a second saving throw to negate the spell or effect. This ability expends a mote of movement even if the rogue has used one already for this round, however this ability can only function once per round. If you the rogue is at least 10th level you she does not need to spend a mote of movement to use the narrow escape ability; she need have at least one point in her mote of movement pool.
  • Dimensional Hop (Su): As a move action the rogue can expend a mote of movement to instantaneously teleport to any other spot within 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 rogue class levels If the spot the rogue chooses is within line of sight, the rogue arrive there unerringly. If the destination is not in line of sight, the rogue must be able to visualize the spot or state the direction and distance to it, but the hop has a 25% chance of a mishap and the rogue cannot take any further actions until the rogue's next turn. No matter what the rogue's destination, the rogue can transport only herself and a maximum 100 lbs. (or your maximum load, whichever is less) of objects you carry or touch. You cannot transport any creature except for the rogue's familiar or an animal companion or cohort of up to Tiny size (whose weight counts against your load limit). If the rogue suffers a mishap or arrives in a place already occupied by a solid body, the rogue and any creatures with her take 1d6 points of damage and are shunted to closest random open space on a suitable surface of the intended location. If the rogue is at least 8th level this can functions as dimension door instead.