Jaunter's Tomb

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Prerequisite(s): Rogue 18, Jaunter's Hop, worship a deity that grants the Trickery and Travel domains (or their subdomains)

Benefit(s): As a move action, the rogue can expend 4 mote of movement to send a target within 100 ft. + 10 ft./ rogue class level, upon a failed Will Save (DC 10+1/2 the rogue's class level + her Charisma modifier) as greater teleport to another safe location where he remains (with all of his equipment), held entombed in temporal stasis. The subject remains there unless a specific condition is met (see below), someone dispels the temporal stasis, or someone casts a freedom spell at the creature's current location or at the locale where this ability was activated. If freedom is used to free the creature, it reappears in the original locale. The rogue only expends the motes of movement if the subject fails its save, but if it succeeds the subject is immune to this rogue's Jaunter's Tomb for 24 hours.

The creature is released from temporal stasis when specific conditions are fulfilled according to the rogue's command as set at the time of the abilities activation.

Commands can be as general or as detailed as desired, although only visual and audible triggers can be used.

Triggers react to what appears to be the case. Disguises and illusions can fool them. Normal darkness does not defeat a visual trigger, but magical darkness or invisibility does. Silent movement or magical silence defeats audible triggers. Audible triggers can be keyed to general types of noises or to a specific noise or spoken word. Actions can serve as triggers if they are visible or audible. The effect cannot distinguish alignment, level, Hit Dice, or class except by external garb. The range limit of a trigger is 15 feet per rogue class level, so a 17th-level rogue can command the Jaunter's Tomb effect to respond to triggers as far as 270 feet away.

Regardless of range, the effect can respond only to visible or audible triggers and actions in line of sight or within hearing distance. This is a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to the rogue's class level.