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Constellation Aspects (Su)

Prerequisites: Ability to bind spirits.

Benefit: You can bind constellation aspects as if you were an occultist equal to your binder level. You cannot gain both a constellation aspect and a monstrous aspect from a single spirit. To gain a constellation aspect, you perform a spirit's ceremony and attempt a binding check against its binding DC + 5. After completing the ritual, you select a constellation aspect from the list of aspects that are associated with that bound spirit's constellation.

For example, you might select Aza'zati to gain a constellation aspect associated with the dragon constellation (which is Aza'zati's constellation). You gain an aspect even if you fail the binding check. You do not gain any other benefits of the binding check such as minor or major granted ability, though you do gain the spirit's physical sign and personality influence; and if you fail the binding check then you cannot voluntarily control the sign and influence.