Trap Master (Ex or Su)

Prerequisites: Advanced Rogue Talents.

Benefit: A rogue with this talent gains the following bonuses if she possesses the listed prerequisites:

1. If the rogue possesses the ability to create ranger traps, add 1 to the Perception DC, Disable Device DC, and save DC (if any) of all her ranger traps, and increase the number of traps she may create in a day by 2. If the rogue possess the minor magic rogue talent, she may create supernatural traps as well as extraordinary traps.

2. If the rogue possesses the Craft Wondrous Item feat, she may now craft magical traps with her Craft (Traps) skill, even if she doesn’t have access to the necessary spells. Add 5 to the crafting DC for every spell she can’t provide, as is normal for crafting magic items.