Some targets can be too dangerous to fight effectively, while others are too swift to be caught on foot. While still proficient at direct combat, entrappers give up their divine powers in favor of tried-and-true traps to snare and hinder their foes.

Class Skills

An entrapper adds Disable Device to his list of class skills.

Trapfinding (Ex)

An entrapper adds 1/2 his ranger level on Perception skill checks made to locate traps and on Disable Device skill checks (minimum +1). An entrapper can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.

This ability replaces wild empathy.

Hunting Traps

At 4th level, an entrapper gains the ability to create powerful traps to hunt his prey. These function like saboteur traps, but an entrapper uses his Wisdom modifier instead of his Intelligence modifier when determining the DC of hunting traps and the number of traps he can have placed at once. An entrapper uses his spells per day to determine the number of traps he can place each day.

Rather than arcane power, an entrapper looks to nature for inspiration in building his traps. The entrapper has his own assembly list of natural traps, as shown below. Effects created by hunter traps are treated as divine spells. In addition, an entrapper does not have an assembly book; each day when he creates his traps, he can choose to create any trap he is capable of creating based on his entrapper level.

This replaces the spells class feature. Entrappers do not gain any spells or spellcasting ability, but do have a caster level for the purpose of using hunting traps.

Entrapper's Mark (Ex)

At 11th level, an entrapper can, as a standard action, denote one target within his line of sight as his mark. Whenever he is following the tracks of his mark, an entrapper can take 10 on his Survival skill checks while moving at normal speed, without penalty. In addition, his mark takes a -2 penalty on saving throws and to AC against his hunting traps and on Disable Device and Perception checks to locate or disable his hunting traps. An entrapper can have no more than one mark at a time and the creature’s type must correspond to one of his favored enemy types. He can dismiss this effect at any time as a free action, but he cannot select a new mark for 24 hours. If the entrapper sees proof that his mark is dead, he can select a new mark after waiting 1 hour.

This ability replaces quarry.

Improved Entrapper's Mark (Ex)

At 19th level, the entrapper’s ability to catch his focus improves. He can now select a mark as a free action, and can now take 20 while using Survival to track his mark, while moving at normal speed without penalty. The penalty his mark takes against his traps increases to -4. If his mark is killed or dismissed, he can select a new one after 10 minutes have passed.

This ability replaces improved quarry.

Entrapper Assemblies: Entrappers gain access to the following traps.

1st-Level Entrapper Traps: alarm, burning hands, entangle, expeditious excavation, discerning trap extension, faerie fire, flare burst, invisibility alarm, obscuring mist, ray of sickening, shocking grasp, sleep, stumble gap, thunderstomp

2nd-Level Entrapper Traps: acid arrow, aggressive thundercloud, binding earth, create pit, darkness, flaming sphere, fog cloud, frigid touch, frost fall, hold animal, sickening entanglement, snare, soften earth and stone, spike growth, spontaneous immolation, stealth trap extension, stone call, unshakable chill, web, wind wall

3rd-Level Entrapper Traps: air geyser, aqueous orb, ash storm, burst of nettles, daylight, deep slumber, deeper darkness, fireball, instant enemy, lightning bolt, poison, sleet storm, spiked pit, stench of prey, stinking cloud, thorny entanglement, thunderstomp (greater)

4th-Level Entrapper Traps: aggressive thundercloud (greater), creeping ice, flaming sphere (greater), geyser, hold monster, ice storm, solid fog, spike stones, sprawling trap extension, volcanic storm, wall of fire, wall of thorns