Wildfire Druid

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Fire clears away the old and dead to make way for new life. So it is with the wildfire druid, channeling the primal force of fire to burn away the stain of the unnatural so that green life can grow once more. It is not a pleasant process, and the wildfire druid takes no joy in her mission, but it is necessary and just.

The wildfire druid is an archetype of the druid class.

Nature Bond

At 1st level, a wildfire druid must choose to gain a domain, and must select the Fire domain or one of its subdomains.

Spontaneous Casting

A wildfire druid can sacrifice a prepared spell to cast a spell from her domain of the same level. This ability replaces the ability to spontaneously cast summon nature's ally spells.


Starting at 2nd level, a wildfire druid can see through fire, smoke, and fog without penalty.

This ability replaces woodland stride.

Unquenched Flame

Starting at 4th level, a wildfire druid's spells that deal fire damage treat their targets' fire resistance as 5 points lower. At 8th level, they treat fire resistance as 10 points lower; at 12th level, 15 points lower; at 16th level, 20 points lower; and at 20th level, they ignore fire resistance and immunity entirely.

This ability replaces wild shape.

Unscorched Skin

At 4th level, a wildfire druid gains fire resistance 5. This fire resistance increases by 5 at 9th level and every 5 levels thereafter, to a maximum of 20 at 19th level.

This ability replaces resist nature's lure and venom immunity.

Wild Shape

At 6th level, a wildfire druid gains the wild shape ability, but it functions at her druid level 2. If she takes on the form of a fire elemental, she instead uses her druid level + 2. She cannot wild shape into the form of a water elemental.