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Plains Domain

The wide open spaces of the prairie, savanna, and steppe are yours to master.

Granted Powers:

Migrating Herd (Su): When you summon an aurochs, bison, elephant, horse, mastodon, pony, or similar quadruped herbivore with a summoning spell, the duration of the spell is increased by 100% (this does not stack with Extend Spell). The creature’s land speed is increased by 10 feet.

Pounce (Ex): At 6th level, you may use the pounce special attack once per day. You may pounce one additional time per day for every 3 levels after 6th.

Domain Spells: 1st—mount, 2nd—chameleon stride, 3rd—haste, 4th—aspect of the stag, 5th—control winds, 6th—find the path, 7th—whirlwind, 8th—animal shapes, 9th—worldwave.