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Frog Domain

You venerate the elder amphibians that first brought life to land.

Granted Powers:

Familiar: You may gain a toad familiar. Your effective wizard level for this ability is equal to your druid level. Your druid level stacks with levels from other classes that grant familiars when determining the powers of your familiar.

Sticky Strike (Su): As a standard action, you can attempt a ranged touch attack with a sticky tendril against a target up to 15 feet away, then use the pull universal monster ability to pull the target 5 feet toward you. You gain a bonus on the pull’s combat maneuver check equal to 1/2 your druid level. If the target is larger than you, you may pull yourself 5 feet toward the target without making a check. The target can remove the tendril by making an opposed Strength check as a standard action, or by dealing enough slashing damage to the tendril (hit points equal to your druid level, Armor Class equal to your touch Armor Class). You can dissolve the tendril as a free action. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Webfoot (Ex): At 6th level, you gain the amphibious special quality and a swim speed equal to your land speed. At 12th level, you gain a climb speed equal to your land speed.

Domain Spells: 1st—jump, 2nd—delay poison, 3rd—lily pad stride, 4th—shout, 5th—blessing of the salamander, 6th—confusion, 7th—animal shapes (amphibians only), 8th—greater shout, 9th—summon froghemoth.