Title He Above, The All-Seeing Eye
Portfolio Knowledge, magic and the sun
Typical Worshipers Bards, scholars, wizards
Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Sun
Subdomains Arcane, Divine, Thought, Wards
Favored Weapon Morningstar
Favored Animal(s) Eagle


Paletius' holy list, The Catalogue, says nothing of his origin. We must look to the Divine Record to learn that at one time, Paletius was a god of magic and knowledge only. His storehouse of knowledge was said to contain truths not even the other gods knew, but he could not be moved to use his wisdom. Kamus-who was at that point in time primarily a god of the sun-often pounded on the door of his brother's loretower to demand that Paletius help him intercede in some conflict or other. Paletius always responded with "Why?" and Kamus could never provide an answer to satisfy, for Kamus longed to dominate mortals, but Paletius was concerned with anything but. Eventually, Kamus could hold back his need to control no longer, and he abandoned his post to whisper in the shadows, rather than observe from the sun. Toma Thule saw that Paletius had contributed to Kamus' moral corruption, and decreed that Paletius take his place as caretaker of the sun. Reluctantly at his new position, Paletius stared down from the eye of the sun, watching the doings of the surface races, and took the opportunity to catalogue their triumphs and tragedies. He saw this as making the 'best of a bad situation', but he became more interested in the struggles of mortals below. The description in The Catalogue of how Paletius warned the gods of the uprising of mortals is credited as some of the most tragic literature in the multiverse; Paletians stoically take it as a lesson in letting knowledge unleavened by mercy lead to disaster. Whether He Above blames himself, only he knows.


Paletius' lay followers double as teachers, lorekeepers and historians-they stockpile knowledge and magical teachings, which they disseminate to those who will use it well. His active clergy can be split into three main branches: the Lorekeepers, who maintain and organize His storehouses of knowledge; the Lightbringers, who function as missionaries 'carrying the light of learning to the darkness'; and the Scholars, who, despite their sedate name, specialize in the dangerous work of seeking out lost and hidden knowledge, and bringing it back out into the light of day. He Above is a popular deity with adventurers; more active Scholars make excellent companions when delving into ancient ruins or tangled webs of deception, less active Scholars will often sponsor adventuring groups to recover knowledge in Paletius' name and the Lorekeepers can provide them with sage advice they often need. As a result, Paletian temples are often very wealthy, and heavily decorated.

Spell Preparation Rituals

Since Paletius considers teaching and study acts of devotion, he has little in the way of formalized ritual-his priests greet the dawn each day and are asked to preside over summer festivals, but his temples are more like libraries than typical places of worship. A Paletian denied the sun will attempt to make a fire or a magical light to pray before.

Religion Traits

The following religion traits may be chosen by worshipers of this deity.

Paletius' Inspiration

Paletius has blessed you with an exceptional memory for trivia.

Benefit Once per day, you can make a Knowledge skill check as though you were trained in that category, and add a +2 trait bonus to the check.

Paletius' Revelation

Your dedication to the All-Seeing Eye has led to his favor falling upon you.

Benefit You gain a +2 trait bonus to Perception checks to find concealed objects.