Title Dreamspeaker, Oracle of Fate, Singer of Songs
Portfolio Music and visions
Typical Worshipers Advisors, musicians, visionaries
Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral good
Domains Art, Good, Luck, Knowledge
Subdomains Agathion, Fate, Memory, Sound
Favored Weapon Sling staff
Favored Animal(s) Wolf


The Dreaming Goddess Neria responded to The Calling unbidden, unwritten of even in the Divine Record. Her most accomplished clergy know surprisingly little of the Oracle of Fate aside the appearance of her chosen avatar, her deep love of song, and her message of harmony through prophecy. It is said Neria grants visions to any and all who revere her in the hope of fostering peace. If mortals can achieve their ends through wisdom and insight, what will they have of war? The mortals that serve the Dreamspeaker know that the world is not so simple and that passions are not so easily sated. They strive to spread her message through free fortune telling and song for anyone, hoping against hope that Neria's greatest prediction will someday come to pass, written in her ancient text, Destinies. The prediction states that one day an anxious soul will sit at an Augur's table and demand a reading of the stones. This lost soul will be the linchpin of Destiny, not just for the world, but for the multiverse. After following the dreamstone ceremony, the destined one will transform into a being of great power and peace. This 'Aria', the foretold avatar of Fortune and Fate, never manifested itself in the reality of Neria's origin, and the Singer of Songs left that doomed universe at the The Calling. In Songs of Power, the competitive being Eshsalqua writes-probably with some truth-that Neria has left many realities in search of the Aria and the destiny it heralds.


Neria's lay priests are called Augurs, clerics who also serve as fortunetellers on the road and in the goddess's many blue-painted temples. All Augurs follow the spiritual law that, so long as it does not interfere with their other duties and obligations, they must never refuse a request for a 'reading of the stones'. High-ranking Augurs are called Ovates; they oversee the faith from grand temples called Voyant Cathedrals. These are elaborate in design, the largest being at the heart of the City of Argentum, though there are a few others. They cater to kings, diplomats, merchants and entertainers, making the Voyant Cathedrals great homes for the faithful and social hubs for the upper class. Marvelous choirs hold performances there that are widely hailed as some of the greatest musical events in the world. A small sub-sect of the church exists, calling itself the Lunar Chorus. These Lucids, champions of the Nerian faith, are clerics or rangers that bond very strongly with wolf companions (beloved by the church because of their 'singing') and work tirelessly to defend the dreams of others. These heroes come into conflict with all manner of sleep-related enemies, fighting them in the name of their ever-dreaming goddess.

Spell Preparation Rituals

Augurs, Lucids and Ovates all prepare their spells the same way: through lengthy meditation just before bed. They must meditate with a sachet of herbs and fragrant oils in their hands, a small poppet typically stuffed with lavender, spice, and flower petals. This sachet is something they must make themselves and is changed every season.

Religion Traits

The following religion traits may be chosen by worshipers of this deity.

Wisdom's Waking

Your dreams are sweet and your sleep especially restful when you sleep near a dreamer's sachet.

Benefit If you sleep for more than six hours with a dreamer's sachet nearby, your dreams will be sweet and restful. For the next 12 hours, the Nerian will gain a +1 trait bonus to Will saves as long as the sachet is on their person.

Written in Stone

You can draw symbols representing your divine insight on small, smooth stones.

Benefit Anyone willingly receiving such a stone affords the Nerian seer a +1 trait bonus on Charisma-based checks against them for the next 24 hours.