"God of Evil And the Night"

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Death, Evil, Knowledge, Law

Symbol: Black Ankh of Set

Garb: Kilt, sandals, and ceremonial head-dress (beast mask), Black Ankh of Set

Favored Weapons: Quarterstaff, spear, poisoned weapons

Typical Worshipers: Evil power-seeking humanoids, evil monks, assassins

Set is a greater god, worshiped on many planes in many forms. He most often appears as a scaled humanoid with the head of a jackal. He is utterly dedicated to the orderly spread of evil and oppression. His symbol is the coiled cobra, though any snake can be used to represent his power. His temples are filled with enormous serpents, always poisonous. His skin is poisonous to the touch. He makes his home in the Nine Hells.

Organized groups of assassins are known to be dedicated to his worship. His priests carry staves worked on one end into the head of a cobra. The cobra head is often tipped with steel fangs coated with poison. His clerics often carry a stylized black spear, representing the Spear of Darkness he carries. Many of his worshipers tattoo themselves with serpents or cobras.